Albania – Reconstruction and solidarity

Ever since the earthquake struck Albania in November 2019, the Focolare Movement’s Emergency Response Team has been supporting a number of families in difficulty. As this […]

Syria – Ten years of Calvary, but we still sow “Seeds of Hope”

Ten years ago, the Syrian crisis began - a war that has devastated the country with serious psychological, economic and social repercussions. The country's socio-economic situation […]

Thank you for repairing our house (Philippines)

The typhoon in 2019 caused extensive damage to the Fazenda da Esperança structures on the island of Masbate in the Philippines putting the lives of the […]

Sierra Leone, COVID19 triage is up and running

  In Sierra Leone, Holy Spirit Hospital’s triage facility is now operational making it possible for infectious diseases to be identified so that those coming to […]

Fazenda da Esperança has been repaired after the 2019 typhoon (Philippines)

On the island of Masbate the Fazenda accommodates around 23 boys and girls on the road to recovery from families experiencing serious economic and social difficulties. […]

Mexico – Shelter of Hope, from emergency to place of welcome

  Just like all the other projects in 2020, “LiberarSé – Refugee of Hope” in Mexico, has had to manage delays resulting from the measures taken […]

Burundi – Rose and the desire to grow by one’s own efforts

Why the "It's possible" project? While the training of microcredit group leaders continues in Burundi, Rose's story tells us how important the community microfinance project is. […]

2021 – a year to start again in Argentina.

  The Pandemic and all the measures introduced to limit the spread of the virus and its consequences have brought economic and commercial activities to a […]

With reciprocity… it’s enough just to start!

The reciprocity that characterises AMU’s work helps project leaders to identify and draw out potential skills and talents so as to contribute to the development of […]

Syria, new medical centre in Hama

  Hama is the fourth largest city in Syria in terms of population and whilst it wasn’t destroyed by the war, it has, nevertheless, suffered the […]