Wednesday 18 October 2017
A decent job! Here are the first results of the PROFOR project.

Building a system for respectable work is one of the goals of the PROFOR project – PROGRAM FOR THE STRENGTHENING COMMUNION INCLUSIVE BUSINESSES. The aims of the projects are to start-up and support the entrepreneurship of people that are in socio-economic difficulties.

The results are already clear. After the training phase, the receiving of the funds and the support of consultants and coaches for the start-up phase, six out of eight businesses are in business and one is about to start in the healthcare sector.
The Frutos da Terra project in Rio de Janeiro, which concerns the production of frozen vegetables (cultivation, harvesting and processing), continues to grow. Machinery was purchased with start-up capital and the building has been restructured and reorganized. In addition, training courses have been developed to employ local women in the preparation of the vegetables.
The project also received several awards. Waldemar proposed this idea for the improvement of the rural community and for the benefit and direct support of 15 farmers. It has furthermore been proposed for a partnership with a young member of the community in which the company resides.
The freezing-related agriculture project also had set up exchanges with the university up to an agreement that allows students to use the farm as a social lab.

Campo Fértil in Pernambuco is a cooperative that produces organic vegetables. Thanks to the start-up capital obtained with the project, a truck was purchased that improved production and therefore increased income (profitability went from R $ 6,000 (1,800 Euros) to R $ 18,000 (5,365 Euros)).
Much of this capital was used for the construction of a processing plant. The number of direct jobs created in this process is 8 units, and the number of families involved has increased from 11 to 20. The cooperative is structuring and organizing more and more, and the entrepreneur has decided to open up to a new market: the sale to private people who live nearby, with a delivery at home service.

Also the manager of Premosam, a company that builds prefabricated buildings in Pernambuco is finding confidence and is changing attitude towards his business, thanks to the courses that the project’s coaches proposed. With the start-up capital, new equipment was purchased in order to respond better to the demands. The company’s consolidation has also allowed the entrepreneur to welcome his brother who was unemployed. Once again solidarity multiplies, starting in a form and assuming several others.

Tuesday 17 October 2017
One year after the 2016 earthquake, with RImPRESA we want to look to the future.

These days mark a year from the terrible earthquake that involved the Amatrice area and which affected Central Italy. On this occasion we have collected the stories directly from the protagonists of the project RImPRESA.
Despite many months have passed by; the pain for the loss of nearly 300 victims and for their families is still strong. The memory is still alive and the signs of collapse, isolation, fear of possible new shocks and consequent damage are still present and clearly visible in the territory. But we want to talk about those days thinking about the future.
This is a future that will be rebuilt, thanks to those who survived, and did not loose the courage, and wanted to keep hoping. It will be a future to which we will look with humility and perseverance.
We want to tell the stories of Stefania, Pietro, Maria Josè, and Federica’s commitment and the support of the Cia – Confederazione italiana agricoltori – and that of the Civil Protection.
They are all parts of a story built together, all actors and protagonists of RImPRESA, the project that supporting local companies, has allowed them to continue or resume production.
Thanks to all the friends (as well as partner associations: Associazione Famiglie Nuove, AIPEC, Movimento dei Focolari, B & F Foundation, Abbraccio Planetario) who contributed with donations, with their work and their ideas to the success of the project. On this anniversary, we want to hear the stories of the protagonists, their new faith, and their relationship with their territory they want to preserve.

Monday 9 October 2017
A special award to CONECTANDO DESTINOS, UNIENDO PERSONAS from the Argentinean Ministry of Tourism

We are proudly happy to announce on World Tourism Day that the project CONECTANDO DESTINOS, UNIENDO PERSONAS has been one of the winners of the contest “Innovar para viajar” (“Innovate for Tourism”) organized by the Argentinean Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Modernisation and the Ministry of Productive Activities.
The project has been presented in the TSNoa network and is promoted by the programme that helps the growth of local communities in North West through Sustainable and Supportive Tourism. This programme valorises local cultures, traditions, territories in the respect of the local populations, supported by AMU and the EoC.

In the specific Conectando Destinos, Uniendo Personas proposes the creation of an interactive platform, an APP, to offer a new way of travelling and was chosen by the jury among the top three in the country.
The proposal was selected from 1000 tourism innovative ideas from all over Argentina. It was among the first 3 projects at the beginning and obtained a score of 261. Many people have also supported the idea at its launch.
It is considered that already 60 rural entrepreneurs linked to the program will benefit from this platform 2.0, affecting 262 direct beneficiaries and 25,860 indirect beneficiaries, giving greater visibility to their holidays stay proposals by directly involving tourists, entrepreneurs and tourist agencies. Furthermore it will give space also to the artisans and local producers that are linked of the program.

The communities of Santa Maria and San José (Catamarca), Brealito, El Jardin, El Espinal, Quebrada del Toro, Tartagal and Aguaray (Salta) and Hornaditas (Jujuy) will be among the first communities to benefit from this App.

This is an important step forward for many rural communities that can organize a valuable tourist offer of great natural and cultural value but which are often cut off from the digital world and the diffusion of the possibilities that it offers.

For further information in Spanish click here

Monday 4 September 2017

Living Peace, in the following October, organize a training course on Peace, in the framework of Development Education.

This training course for teachers, educators and trainers, promoted by AMU, New Humanity and Teens 4 Unity,  will take place from 25th to 29th October 2017, at the Mariapoli Centre, Via San Gattista de la Salle, Castel Gandolfo – Rome.

Today Living Peace is a world peace network of over 40 organizations working around the world and working for peace. Over the years, the project has attracted more than 200,000 people from 113 countries around the world.

Please go to this link for more information on the course, on the program and on how to sign up.


Friday 28 July 2017

Amu’s Annual Financial Report and the Annual Activity Report, are published on AMU’s website each year between June and July following the Shareholders’ Meeting (as required by the rules in this regard). These to reports specifically tell us the commitment of our Association in the various activities and projects carried out with the support of all of you.
On the website you will find the details (in italian) of the various interventions done and the use of the resources collected, but there are some elements that we want to share in particular, starting with the increase in the number of donors.
In 2016 there were 848 donors (+ 10.13% over the previous year) for a total of 1,366 donations (+ 17.25%), allowing us to raise € 1,388,864.42.
Another aspect to point out is the nature of the projects supported: 2016 there has been several implementations on emergencies and natural disasters interventions, which also involved Italy; Micro-credit programs, training and support for new entrepreneurs in areas with serious economic difficulties; Projects for the integration and empowerment of young people and women, projects for health and social issues and school support.
In all of these situations we have tried to bring our help involving the local people themselves, listening to their real needs and building together proposals for action without distorting local traditions and cultures, but instead integrating them and helping them grow.

These data give us strength and hope to continue passionately, together with all of you, in building a more solid, more fair and united world, believing that this commitment can still grow and involve more and more people.

We are convinced of this. And even more so, considering that most of the donations we receive come from individuals and families, whose donations are linked to important moments of their lives (weddings, christenings, communions, retirements, birthdays…), groups collections, associations, schools and companies, which all together involved about 4,000 people.
The publication of the reports is a further opportunity to thank all of you, friends, donors and members from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support us and to make the AMU community grow everyday.