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What will remain of this adventure?

Christine and Michael Heinz's facility is a large holiday home that was created after the fall of the Berlin Wall as a meeting place for young […]

Burundi. Interview with Jérôme Nibaruta

Jérôme Nibaruta is the local coordinator of the Water, Source of Life and Development in Ruyigi project, in Burundi. He is often on field missions listening […]

Summer camp part 2 / Enjoying Vienna’s delights

The story continues of the carefree days the thirty Ukrainian youngsters are spending in Austria, thanks to a summer camp organised with funds raised by AMU […]

Sierra Leone, final touches to the new school

The work is almost complete. The new building of Morifindugu Junior Secondary School in Serekolia is gleaming with fresh paint.The efforts of an entire community have […]

Joyce’s version

In Syria, to be young and have a dream is complicated. Young Joyce is well aware of this but thanks to her talents and determination she is […]

Layal, a headstrong child

A lack of oxygen at birth had caused a mild cerebral atrophy in the little girl. This resulted in difficulties with movement and speech. The Seeds […]