Amazonia, small steps to reactivate care


In Homs, Dima dreamed of returning to play

Thanks to physiotherapy and treatment provided by the centre in Homs, Dima is taking 'giant steps' towards fulfilling her dream of being able to go out […]

Mozambique, more interventions to support the population

The Focolare Movement's Emergency Coordination Team’s interventions in support of the Fazenda da Esperança continue to accompany the local people since the devastating floods of 2019. […]

Burundi is engaging local authorities and communities to strengthen the project

The collaboration and involvement of local institutions and local people remains one of the key aspects In the sustainability process of the "Water, source of life […]

Damascus, waiting for the new school year

At the after-school club in Damascus called "Our Youth is Our Future", the young people spent the day getting to know one another better and learning […]

Amazonia, vaccinations for the Ribeirinhos have begun

Whilst continuing to support the people who have suffered greatly due to the recent floods, the hospital boat "Papa Francesco" has also started vaccinating people with […]