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Amu aims to contribute to achieving the highest possible degree of reciprocity between people, communities and peoples, in free, equal, generous and convinced exchange of material and moral goods.

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16 November 2020

Lebanon, reconstructions begin

  “A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts both for thinking of us and for your gestures of support. Providence is watching over […]
11 November 2020

Syria – Games are beautiful… when shared with everyone!

Tariq managed to reproduce a well-known toy and distribute it for free to his friends who couldn’t afford it. It all started with Tareq’s desire to […]
5 November 2020

A “call of good” in Brazil

The young entrepreneurs of Salvador de Bahia, participants in the “Eu Empreendor de mem” project, have promoted actions of solidarity for the most vulnerable people in […]

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