Tuesday 19 July 2016

The latest news from the project of Kiribati recounts of a growing project and an active and proactive community.

The AMU project in the Republic of Kiribati, in progress for several years, is aimed at the population of Buota, one of the poorest villages on the island of Tarawa. The purpose of the project is to improve the living conditions of the community, through initiatives aimed primarily at women and children.

A recent report on the activities carried out last year, states that 61 children have attended pre-school (35 were those originally planned), including 37 boys and 24 girls, both Catholic and from other denominations and religious faiths.

Fifteen children have ended the school year with an official document, endorsed by the Ministry of Education, which certifies the level of knowledge and skills acquired and has qualified them to start primary school.

«As indicated in previous reports, the local representatives write to us, the nursery school is an activity that definitely helps to strengthen the cooperation between the members of the community. The mothers of the students, for example, often work in teams to provide the necessary support. (more…)

Friday 15 July 2016

We are studying the possibility of a health project in Peru, in the province of Bolívar, that can reach even the most isolated communities. Meanwhile, every year volunteer doctors take turns to carry local health campaigns. One precaution though: it is always better to set off with a good deal of spirit of adventure in one’s luggage!

«Sundia is a town in the district of Bolívar, in the region of La Libertad, located on the slopes of a mountain that is projected to form the Andes mountain range, with peaks over 4,000 metres of height.

We are doctors of the group “Surviving”, the coordinator Miguel Angel Muños Malca explains to us, and every year we participate in a Health Campaign organized by the parish of Bolívar. This year we started from the city of Chiclayo and Trujillo, we travelled 6 hours to get to Cajamarca, then 8 hours to reach Bolívar and finally 2 hours on a mountain road, and another 4 hours on mule back, to finally get to Sundia!

The road is really rough but the inhabitants do not seem to care that much. I do not know what can the adventure lovers feel about it, however, to the impervious nature, with deep precipices on the side at each step you add the cold of the cordillera (more…)

Thursday 14 July 2016

Here we resume an article published on the website describing our project “Making system beyond hospitality”.

Migrants, Welcoming & Getting Settled

An experimental project begun in Sicily, Italy, proposes an innovative network approach to one of the most current problems linked to migration.

«There is a vein of illusions and dreaming running through the notion of this project,» recounts Flavia Cerino, lawyer and coordinator of activities in Sicily. We have come up against one of the most complex realities regarding migration, one of the most urgent problems: that of unaccompanied foreign minors (UAM) that arrive on the Italian coasts exhausted from the long voyages, but still full of hope for the future.

Among the migrants who reach Europe, unaccompanied minors are undoubtedly the ones most in need of support. In the first five months of 2016 (UNICEF), 7,000 new arrivals were registered in Italy, double the number from the same period in previous years. “In order to be able to live legally in Italy, Flavia adds, these teenagers need to be inserted into the work force as soon as possible. If they don’t manage to do that and to obtain the proper documents, once they become legal adults they are considered illegal with the concrete possibility of falling into an illegal underground network.” (more…)