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Monday 4 September 2017

Living Peace, in the following October, organize a training course on Peace, in the framework of Development Education.

This training course for teachers, educators and trainers, promoted by AMU, New Humanity and Teens 4 Unity,  will take place from 25th to 29th October 2017, at the Mariapoli Centre, Via San Gattista de la Salle, Castel Gandolfo – Rome.

Today Living Peace is a world peace network of over 40 organizations working around the world and working for peace. Over the years, the project has attracted more than 200,000 people from 113 countries around the world.

Please go to this link for more information on the course, on the program and on how to sign up.


Friday 28 July 2017

Amu’s Annual Financial Report and the Annual Activity Report, are published on AMU’s website each year between June and July following the Shareholders’ Meeting (as required by the rules in this regard). These to reports specifically tell us the commitment of our Association in the various activities and projects carried out with the support of all of you.
On the website you will find the details (in italian) of the various interventions done and the use of the resources collected, but there are some elements that we want to share in particular, starting with the increase in the number of donors.
In 2016 there were 848 donors (+ 10.13% over the previous year) for a total of 1,366 donations (+ 17.25%), allowing us to raise € 1,388,864.42.
Another aspect to point out is the nature of the projects supported: 2016 there has been several implementations on emergencies and natural disasters interventions, which also involved Italy; Micro-credit programs, training and support for new entrepreneurs in areas with serious economic difficulties; Projects for the integration and empowerment of young people and women, projects for health and social issues and school support.
In all of these situations we have tried to bring our help involving the local people themselves, listening to their real needs and building together proposals for action without distorting local traditions and cultures, but instead integrating them and helping them grow.

These data give us strength and hope to continue passionately, together with all of you, in building a more solid, more fair and united world, believing that this commitment can still grow and involve more and more people.

We are convinced of this. And even more so, considering that most of the donations we receive come from individuals and families, whose donations are linked to important moments of their lives (weddings, christenings, communions, retirements, birthdays…), groups collections, associations, schools and companies, which all together involved about 4,000 people.
The publication of the reports is a further opportunity to thank all of you, friends, donors and members from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support us and to make the AMU community grow everyday.


Thursday 13 July 2017
RImPRESA– The support to resume autonomously

Let’s continue to discover the results of the RImPRESA project waiting to meet all the protagonists of the project and enjoy their products at the RImPRESA PARTY on the 2nd July 2017!

We carry on from the warehouse – On the 5th May the 5KW electric generator and shelving for tools was delivered to Giuseppe, an Arquata del Tronto’s construction businessman. During the earthquake, the warehouse had suffered the biggest damage. Now, Giuseppe can resume work autonomously and also contribute in reconstruction of houses and other in such a delicate moment.

Solidarity within Solidarity – In this story of support, as in some other stories of the project, there is another one. The goods donated to Giuseppe were purchased at another company, the one of Libertino from Accumuli, also affected by the earthquake, which is beginning to return to business.


This is one of the added value of the RImPRESA project and of the reciprocity of aid: the activation of a virtuous circle that allows individual companies to restart and, with the purchase and sale of goods and services from nearby companies, sustain one another.


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