Friday 6 May 2016

In the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the far north-eastern part of Italy, there is a large group of friends who support AMU projects, especially the ones in Burundi. The Region has co-financed some of these projects, including the current one “Microcredit and strengthening of the rural cooperative system”. On April 1st 2015 a presentation meeting was held in Udine: Andrea Mosca of AMU FVG tell us about it.

«AMU Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) and the partner association “Together for a United World” presented on Friday 1st April in Udine an event entitled “Microcredit and projects in Burundi” open to all those interested.

The aim of this meeting was to present the new project in progress in Burundi, co-funded by the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia: “Microcredit and strengthening of the rural cooperative system in Ruyigi province.”

The event also pointed towards raising public awareness on the various development cooperation initiatives of the associations involved, as we are facing a particularly delicate historical period, torn apart by migration. The meeting was opened by the presentation of the initiatives undertaken in Syria in the last few months by Barbara Bizzocchi, spokesperson for “Together for a United World.” (more…)

Sunday 1 May 2016

Many of you requested our site in English asking us to share what we do. The waiting is now over!

Starting today, the AMU website is available in English.

While the text is still incomplete, it will be expanded over the coming months.

We hope you will enjoy the reading! Buona lettura!

Friday 29 April 2016

A new chapter starts for our cooperation with the community of Bolívar, Andes Mountains, sustaining the right to health

Carlos is a teacher in the school San Francisco de Asís. He comes from another region in Peru, because there aren’t any native teachers in Bolívar. He chose this way of life, not only for a professional purpose. He chose to serve the children in the more distant suburbs.

One day he started feeling abdominal twinges, which increased of intensity very quickly. He was taken to the clinic in Bolívar (here they called the hospital), where he was administered a painkiller. The analysis could not be done because the reagents had expired, but “do not worry, rest for a while here, it will soon pass” they said. The next day Carlos was feeling much worse, the pain was excruciating. At this point the parish priest, Father Emeterio, decided to load him in the car and take him down from 3,200 meters of altitude of Bolívar to the nearest hospital, a real one. Five hours of stone and mud winding road risking of falling down at every bend, then three more hours to climb the pass and get to town. On arrival at the hospital the doctors immediately realized that it was a fulminating appendicitis: a few more hours and it would have been too late. After a few weeks, Carlos was back in Bolívar, fully active.

Like him, men, women and children living in Bolívar continually risk their lives (more…)