Monday 4 July 2016

The report on the activities of 2015, which was presented at the recent annual meeting of AMU, illustrates the main projects and activities. After having talked about development projects (see article of the 9th June), we will continue now with the micro-actions of 2015: precise actions that have helped to solve specific problems of families, groups and communities.

“Last year 38 micro-actions have been supported in 6 Latin American countries, 3 in Africa, 4 in Asia, 1 in the Middle East and 9 in Eastern Europe. Of these actions, no less than 23 have been realized in cooperation with the Economy of Communion.” (from the report of the President)

Some micro-actions incurred in 2015 were initiated in previous years, but right now we want focus on those initiated in 2015 in particular: 26 in all, 18 of which achieved thanks to the Economy of Communion. For the majority of micro-actions we deal with the interventions of social and healthcare assistance and scholarships to ensure access to education where family resources do not allow it. However, other interventions for the development of productive activities are not lacking; in addition AMU’s commitment has intensified in the work with partners and counterparts to identify priorities and methodologies appropriate to their respective contexts; such a medium-term-oriented work, pointing to a sustainable future is now more than ever absolutely necessary. (more…)

Thursday 23 June 2016

The Centre “Angle of Light” (in Spanish Rincón de Luz) located in Cochabamba Area 5, known for the high rates of poverty and crime, is almost an oasis in the desert. Here, from 2012, AMU has implemented the project “Education and work“.

Judging by the results achieved it is a real oasis, and not just an illusion. Francesco Marini of our AMU project area office, has anticipated for us some news, directly from Cochabamba, where he went for the final evaluation of the project.

«Thanks to this project, in partnership with the UNISOL Foundation and the AFN Association, the Centre is now a concrete reality that is a reference point for families of one of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods. It greets every day 60 children and young people providing them a meal, school integration services and various training activities

As always, the best result is the change that occurs in people’s lives and, consequently, in the life of the community… (more…)

Friday 17 June 2016

It’s been about two months since a disastrous earthquake hit Ecuador.

The emergency coordination of the Focolare Movement immediately launched a fundraising campaign, in order to meet the demands placed on the basic necessities, and has set up a working group coordinated by AMU and AFNonlus.

The solidarity of the people from all over the world, has been quick to respond and we are now able to send the first funds for food, health and psychological assistance to the Ecuadorian population. The aid will flow primarily to support families in the provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas, mostly affected by the earthquake.

The support activities in this first phase will last six months (June to November) and during this period, in partnership with the local NGO FEPP (Fondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio), we will study the possibility of reconstruction of damaged infrastructure and the continuation of local production activities.

The study of the coming of reconstruction works and rehabilitation will take place in collaboration with the international network of architecture “Arquitecturalimite”, specialized in design services in a socio-economic exclusion context.
From the coming 9th to 13th November, simultaneously with a peace school for young people, a series of architectural workshop will take place in Quito concerning its possible interventions of the post-earthquake reconstruction.