Thursday 24 November 2016

“Cooperation and Development – stories from the world”. This is the title chosen for this issue of the magazine, the last one of the year. Here’s a preview.

There is a common element in all the articles of the latest AMU News: the stories of the people we met on our projects. Lives of common women and men, one might say, but certainly meaningful lives and multipliers of hope.

Like Norma, artisan teacher who in Argentina participates in the sustainable tourism program, or Abd El Aziz, a twelve-year-old Egyptian who has restored his confidence thanks to the animators of the Chance for Tomorrow project. Fernando and Fernanda found themselves both unemployed and without means to support the family: theirs is a story of redemption, sought with determination, supported by the Raise project of AMU Portugal. Then there are the young people of the “Making System” project, and each of them has his/her own story and difficult past, and many others: Shayeste and Mohammed, Luciana, Maria. They are all protagonists of a type of development focused on the person and his/her community.

Beside these recent stories, AMU News also gives us some stories of the years gone by, in the special insert dedicated to AMU’s 30 years: stories that, retraced at a distance, show just how personal choices can, over time, affect the life of entire communities.

Facing new challenges with hope,” headlines Stefano Comazzi’s editorial. The stories that we collected are like lights that instil courage and transform our hope in the solid knowledge that a better world is possible.

If you are receiving AMU News by mail you may have to wait another few days, but in the meantime you can download the digital version (at the moment only available in Italian) from this link >>>

Tuesday 8 November 2016

The 2016 Immigration Statistics Dossier, realized by the Study and Research Centre IDOS, was presented in Rome on 27 October.

Researchers and experts of migration from all over Italy have contributed to the report, with the aim of proposing an instrument of dissemination and analysis of key statistical data on the migration phenomenon in Italy and Europe. Thus encouraging an appropriate level of awareness of migration by public opinion, still exposed to the risk of complete exclusion.

The initial section is dedicated to the international and European dimension of the phenomenon: migrants in the world have increased further, rising to 244 million, which have moved voluntarily (mostly for work and family) or not. Although the attention to the integration of economic migrants remains paramount, ample space is reserved for the consistent arrival of forced migrants, who in 2015 were 65.3 million between asylum seekers and refugees, a never previously reached peak.

The chapter on Italian emigration confirms the global nature of the phenomenon: they are 5 million foreign residents in the country and an equal number Italians living abroad. (more…)

Monday 7 November 2016
Thank you Carlos!

With gratitude we remember a friend who left us.

With regret, but at the same time assured that he is now in the fullness of the Father, we sadly inform you of the terrible accident that Carlos Martinez suffered a few days ago. Carlos was a former member of our Board of Directors, who returned to Argentina in 2014 after having a serious problem of health. During his recovery he used to follow physiotherapy when suddenly, for a gas meter explosion at the office of his physiotherapist was hit by a blaze, which caused him serious burns all over his body. After a few days in a coma, he died Saturday, November 5 as a result of his injuries.

I have a very vivid memory of Carlos Martinez, which I will cherish for many years. I met him when he was responsible for various activities of the Focolare Movement at the “Cittadella Lia” in Argentina, and had proposed to AMU some social and educational actions. Afterwards, in 2006 he moved to Rocca di Papa (Rome) and on top of everything became a member of AMU’s Board of Directors. (more…)