Thursday 2 February 2017
Facts, figures and more about the project “Making system beyond hospitality” (Part Two)

In the second article we review the network of families and the training of operators.

Due to specific milestones, the network of families willing to accommodate young people of the “Making system” project gets stronger. In particular, the AFN offices (Association for New Families Onlus) work on creating a national network: they find families willing to accommodate young people at their house and accompany them throughout the job placement process. Several young people have already had the experience of family holidays, in Mantua, Vigevano (Milan) and Sicily (see photo). Altogether, 17 families have already accomodated a young migrant and are now an integral part of the national network.

Another goal is the training of the project admission operators to help strengthen their ability to promote job integration. Additionally, we offer training for young foreigners to become cultural mediators. Two courses were held for tutors on employment orientation for migrant young people, which was attended by 60 community workers. Also the first edition of the 6-month training course for cultural mediators was realised; it lasted for 500 hours, and 22 young people were involved. The subscription for the second edition of the course has already been completed. (more…)

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Facts, figures and more about the project “Making system beyond hospitality” (Part One)

The project Making system beyond Hospitality – social and work integration programs for foreigners and Italian young adults in social discomfort – is reaching already quite far in its activities, at only a year from its launch. Let’s take stock on the training aspects and on the employment integration.

The first phase of the activities, which provided vocational training and started the employment insertion in the provinces of Catania and Ragusa, was mainly carried out from June to December 2016. A total of 34 young people were trained: 16 in Catania (4 Italians and 12 foreigners) and 18 in Ragusa (3 Italians and 15 foreigners). In Catania, the young people have followed a 450-hour course for warehouseman with a final internship in various companies (wine, working ceramics, awnings and food businesses). In Ragusa, on the other hand, the boys took directly part to internships within various companies (agricultural, manufacturing marble, furniture construction, catering and bakery).

After the training phase including the internships and apprenticeships, the work tutoring started and these are results so far:

  • 2 were hired on a farm in Ragusa;
  • 3 will very soon be hired in a restaurant, in a bakery and in a social farm, all in Ragusa, thanks to the commitment of the Fo.Co. cooperative that followed them through the process (two of them are the protagonists of the video that has just been released);
  • 2 still have training going on in Ragusa, in a furniture construction and in a marble manufacturing companies;
  • 4, after their training, had their internship extended in a awnings company and a ceramics company in Catania and in a hardware store in Ragusa;
  • 8 are evaluating the various employment opportunities that will arise in the Italian regions, where we are building the network of families and companies that can support them.

In all this, it is clear that the protagonists are them, with their stories (more…)

Tuesday 24 January 2017
Mervat’s story and her great family

From Koz Kazah, foundation in Cairo, AMU counterparts in the project Chance for Tomorrow, the story of a woman who has been able to find herself.

When you look at Mervat’s face who reached her forty years, you will find contradictory feelings; her eyes in one moment will be filled with tears and in another with happiness, victory and challenge; and that is how Mervat narrated her story:
My life was totally closed and isolated because I bear the responsibility of my sisters after the death of my parents. In spite of my academy certificate, I didn’t find any job opportunities so I had become more introverted; my only role was to support, aid and educate my sisters. 18 years had passed since my mother’s death and 6 years since my father’s; so many years had rolled on, and I forgot myself and lived alone without friends or any relationships.”

That is, in short, the life of Mervat 16 months ago; her eyes were filled with tears when she remembered her “closed” life according to her description until she knew the club through her niece’s invitation.
She continued her talk with her tone changing into happiness and persistence when she said “finally I have found myself with a family and friends who added a meaningful color to my life”. (more…)