Inclusion - AMU


AMU’s action has some specific traits such as its willingness to promote the building of a united world, a fair world based on social justice and mutual respect. And more specifically, AMU promotes programs and projects that facilitate the inclusion of people in need in job activities and in their social context.

Recently, such programs have been more and more focused on migrants and refugees. Our goal is to avoid that their inability to find a proper personal dimension in their final destination does not compound with the dire conditions from which they have escaped.

AMU’s action aims at supporting vulnerable people, helping them to rebuild a decent and peaceful life. This is exactly what we have been doing in Italy, which is experiencing a constant flux of migrants, where we tried to offer our support beyond the emergency relief; and in Jordan, where Iraqi refugees hope to find protection.

Bulding bridges 2020/2022

Building bridges (Fare Sistema Oltre l’Accoglienza (FSOA)) supports vulnerable Italians and non-Italians towards integration into society and employment through a network of local stakeholders consisting of companies, families, associations and practitioners committed to inclusion processes

Building Brigdes

In Italy it is extremely difficult for the youth to gain access to jobs and reestablish social connections. This is true for both the Italians living […]