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school and education

To support each person’s pathways to growth, awareness and self-determination, AMU relies on study assistance and vocational training programmes.

Over the years, AMU has carried out programmes to ensure school attendance and combat the dropping out of studies by those young people who, in situations of great difficulty, would not be able to afford it.

Supporting a girl or a boy in their education means supporting them in the free and conscious construction of their future, offering them assistance in the most delicate moments, giving them the right support to make the most important choices.

Our commitment in this field ranges from the programmes for deaf-mute children at the EHIS school in Syria, to the scholarships funded over the years through the ‘Fraternity with Africa’ programme, to the job training courses that AMU promotes and supports all over the world.

Sierra Leone, a school for all!

Teenage school drop-out rates are very high in Sierra Leone. The project aims to expand a school facility, providing it with essential services: drinking water, toilets, chairs and desks, to promote access to education and improve the quality of learning.

Egypt – I, Ambassador for Peace

The Project “I, Ambassador of Peace” aims to contribute to the promotion and construction of a widespread culture of peace, rediscovering the respectful and collaborative dialogue between the participants and overcoming the different forms of indifference and social hatred.

Chance for tomorrow

The three-year project Chance For Tomorrow was born to provide continuity and consolidate the educational and training activities