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Health and Nutrition

Development, peace, and justice will never take place as long as the fundamental rights of each person are not guaranteed, beginning with the right to live in good health and to have access to food.

Thanks to a constant collaboration with local institutions and associations, AMU promotes programs pertaining to the creation of the infrastructure needed to improve the quality of life such as building aqueducts and water waste management systems to give access to drinking water, creating courses with the aim of raising awareness, and training local communities on nutrition, personal hygiene, hygiene at house and workspace, and health.

Water – source of life and development in Ruyigi

For more than 10 years, AMU in collaboration with CASOBU has been supporting projects to supply safe drinking water to several villages in Ruyigi Province.

Water, spring of life – Project completed

Rukanda hill in Bururi (Burundi) is located in a not easily accessible area that consists of 28 hills and can only be reached through