Emergencies - AMU


War, epidemic, or natural disasters may cripple a whole nation with both short and long term consequences.
AMU has always been on the front line of humanitarian emergencies with its first aid programs for families, ranging from direct economic help to psychological and social support.
In conjunction with other NGOs, associations, or local members of the Focolare Movement, AMU organise first aid operations keeping in mind the real needs of the people involved and evaluating reconstruction and recovery strategies from day one.
And we applied such strategies in Kerala, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Ecuador, during the war in Syria, and—recently—in Italy to help local farmers start again their activities after earthquakes and natural disasters.

Middle East Earthquake Emergency


The Emergency Coordination of the Focolare Movement has started extraordinary fundraising through AMU and AFN.

Ukraine Emergency

The Emergency Coordination Team of the Focolare Movement has launched a special fundraising campaign to support the people of Ukraine through the NGOs Azione per un Mondo Unito (AMU) and Azione per Famiglie Nuove (AFN).

Seeds of Hope 2022/23 – Syria Emergency

The Syrian crisis began on 15 March 2011. From that date followed years of war that have tormented the country and have brought serious psychological, economic and social repercussions.

A Vaccine for all – Action for rural India

The second symbolic action of the ‘A Vaccine for all’ campaign has just started and will involve India’s rural populations

Syria – Seeds of Hope 21/22

The Syrian crisis began on 15 March 2011. Since that date, years of war have followed, battering the country and bringing serious psychological, economic and social repercussions.


Lebanon is on the verge of collapse. It has been experiencing an unprecedented financial, economic and social crisis for years

Sunrise Ecuador +

Operations to strengthen existing production and employment activities and to support micro-projects for young people from the communities of Sálima, 10 de Agosto and Macará in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Prevention, vaccine and treatment for the “ribeirinhos” of the Amazon

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, caused mainly by in taking preventative measures, social-distancing, compulsory use of protective equipment and […]

Syria Emergency – Seeds of Hope

The Syrian crisis began on 15th March 2011. Since then the war has incessantly battered the country and have brought serious psychological, economic and social repercussions to the population.

Emergergency in Lebanon

On August 4, 2020, a large explosion occurred at the port of Beirut that devastated the Lebanese capital with about 200 dead, more than 6,000 injured and more than 300,000 people left homeless or without shelter. Even before this catastrophe, the land of cedars was struggling in a profound economic crisis, accentuated by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. According to official sources, more than 45% of the population lives below the poverty threshold and unemployment has risen to 35%.

COVID-19 – Support for Former Drug Addicts

While waiting for the “LiberarSé – Refuge of Hope” project to resume, the team supports shelters for those on a program for drug and alcohol detoxification.

RAISE extra (Covid19)

We took immediate action to ensure uninterrupted assistance to the families involved in the RAISE project during the Covid-19 emergency.