War, epidemic, or natural disasters may cripple a whole nation with both short and long term consequences.
AMU has always been on the front line of humanitarian emergencies with its first aid programs for families, ranging from direct economic help to psychological and social support.
In conjunction with other NGOs, associations, or local members of the Focolare Movement, AMU organise first aid operations keeping in mind the real needs of the people involved and evaluating reconstruction and recovery strategies from day one.
And we applied such strategies in Kerala, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Ecuador, during the war in Syria, and—recently—in Italy to help local farmers start again their activities after earthquakes and natural disasters.

COVID-19 – Support for Former Drug Addicts

While waiting for the “LiberarSé – Refuge of Hope” project to resume, the team supports shelters for those on a program for drug and alcohol detoxification.

RAISE + (Covid19)

We took immediate action to ensure uninterrupted assistance to the families involved in the RAISE project during the Covid-19 emergency.


The Covid-19 healthcare emergency is hurting a large number of entrepreneurs everywhere in the world. In Brazil, in the most vulnerable areas, all the business activities have come to a complete stop and young start-up entrepreneurs have to cope with that. Conscious of the problem, the National Association of the Economy of Communion (ANPECOM) started the Project: “Entrepreneur of myself”.

Esperanza – Ecuador

The “Esperanza” emergency project came to be: the production of both the bakery and the chicken farm is bought to save jobs and is distributed to families in need free of charge.

Emergency Sirya

The Syria crisis erupted on March 15, 2011. Since then, war has ravaged the country for years, bringing serious psychological, economic, and social consequences.