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Living Peace International

The Living Peace International Project is a path to peace education that aims to reach teachers, educators, children and young people of all school levels and youth groups.

As of today there are more than 1,000 schools and groups that adhere to this project and more than 1 million children and young people involved in these initiatives in the five continents.

Living Peace International aims to strengthen the collaboration between individuals and groups in the building of a “network” of peace that embraces the whole world. Therefore, Living Peace is also a platform: there are more than 70 international organizations that operate in synergy with this project and share peace initiatives proposed to their respective local networks.

Living Peace International in the world


The Living Peace International Project is based on the “Dice of Peace” , a small dice dado smallon on whose faces there are no numbers but sentences that help build peaceful relationships among everybody.

Every context in which the game is played is unique and different, so are the players’ culture, religion and age. The die can be modified and personalised as long as it concretely encourages peace.

Usually, we roll the die every morning or whenever possible: every one, child or adult, is committed to actively put into practice the sentence.

It is inspired by the main points of “The Art of Loving”, that Chiara Lubich proposed many years ago to the children of the Focolare Movement using a dice game.

What is it?
Time Out is a moment of silence or prayer for peace at 12.00 noon local time.

Time Out is practiced anywhere on the planet at 12.00 noon in all time zones of the world.

Time Out is practiced by thousands of people. Among them, for example, students from more than 2000 schools in the world than join the Living Peace project.

At the beginning of the Gulf War (1990-91) Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement proposed this action to connect all those who believed or worked for peace in a world where the wars never seemed to end.

Even today, this commitment is an opportunity to connect people around the world who work to build peace or inspire others to live and work towards that goal.