Work and development - AMU

Work and development

In countries where economic difficulties are higher, AMU offers programs that aim at increasing basic income based on the skills and goals of the people involved, focusing on the most vulnerable people and communities.

Thanks to the cooperation with local partners, AMU is trying to build programs to give every single person the opportunity to have a proper life as an employee or creating a small company. Such activities must be acceptable, reliable, and yield a fair income.

We have implemented specific strategies and tools to create jobs that improve dignity and are more inclusive thanks to the collaboration with companies of the Economy of Communion. These strategies were created with the inception of Economy of Communion and have improved in the last 10 years.

It is not possible to reach all of these goals with a single project, but with a range of programs aiming at improving professional abilities, giving job orientation, helping companies to find new funding, and helping start-ups.

Development of the EoC and boosting the Economy of Francis in Cuba

In Cuba, the AMU project together with Econdomia of Communion accompanies young entrepreneurs towards the Economy of Francis.

Syria – RestarT

The RestarT project (Restart to Stay) is aimed at those who have experience in production and/or commercial activities but are now unemployed. In this way, those who have a project get the support they need to realise it, improve their financial situation and, by staying in Syria, contribute to rebuilding the country after the war.

“It’s possible!” – Community Microcredit and Microfinance

The project “It’s possible!” aims to create community microcredit groups whose members can self-sustain eachother for the creation of business activities and, in a second phase, create a community microfinance group to support the growth of expanding projects.

PROFOR II – Incubator for companies of communion,
in its second stage has become a fully fledged business incubator.

In Brazil, the human development index is increasing, however inequality is still rampant. A tiny minority of the population is rich or somehow wealthy, but the […]

Shelter of Hope – LiberarSè – Mexico

LiberarSè – Being drug-free and becoming protagonists of our own story – Mexico

PTSNOA – Sustainable tourism North West Argentina

The Argentine Northwest comprises distinct geographical regions, from the highest mountains in America to large valleys, to canyons.

Sunrise Ecuador – Project completed

On April 16th, 2016, Ecuador’s coast was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale: one of the country’s