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Donate for a special event

Would you like to make a specific event of your life special? Transform it into a “solidarity event” and make a donation in support of one of the projects of AMU. It is a great way to remember such a special day. Ask your friends to make a donation instead of buying gifts: it is a new way to share and be friends.
As an alternative you can donate a portion of what you have received for your birthday, baptism, communion, degree/diploma, wedding…

For further information and to know how to organise a “solidarity event”, please send an email to:!!


Organise an event

Regardless of the amount you can collect, you can organise a fundraising event, spreading the joy that comes from doing something for other people. Do it together with friends, colleagues, relatives, and people you know.
You can organise a solidarity dinner, a concert, an exhibition, a book presentation, a small fair trade market, or any other event where you can raise important issues and collect donations for AMU’s projects.
It can be an opportunity to spend time together, build relationships, let your friends know about AMU’s commitment to support other people, and help our projects in a concrete, practical way.

If you need help you can contact us at We will do our best to assist you.