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charitable bequests and in memoriam donations

“I’ve never seen a moving truck behind a hearse”, pope Francis said. He meant that we cannot bring our material goods into the next life, the eternal life. Instead, our work, its evidence and value will be the “treasure” that we will bring with us. I am positive our life is packed with good deeds, even if often we do not see them clearly: from our kindness to the sacrifices we make for the people we love, our commitment to our job, our attention to the common good, our honesty and coherence (included when we have to pay a high price for them), and other things we do for other people. However the more our deeds are directed to people we do not know and who will never be able to pay us back, the more they will be important for He who will welcome us in the Kingdom of Eternal Life.

This is why we are offering you the opportunity to bequeath part of your assets to AMU: you too can build a United World together with many other people from different places and times, leaving a sign that will stay with you during the eternal and joyful present that we can begin to build now, in this present life.

If you are planning to write your will, please think about AMU. Today and in the future, your choice will help build a shared development that will bring all the people on Earth together.


Without prejudice to the rights of the legitimate heirs, you can bequeath to AMU: cash donations, movable assets (such as jewels, stocks, works of art), immovable properties, life insurance policies, severance packages, share options, or investment funds.

Charitable bequests to AMU Onlus are exempt from inheritance tax. Therefore the whole amount will be used to support projects and activities in support of people and communities in need.

How can I support AMU with a bequest?

To bequeath to AMU part of your available assets (which are the assets remaining after all of other bequests to legitimate heirs are made) you can:

Write your will by hand, leaving clear instructions as to whom the beneficiaries are. Add date (day, month, year) and signature (name and surname). Such a document is easy to write, and therefore you should make two copies and keep them in different places.
Sign your will in front of a notary and two witnesses, adding date, place, the notary’s signature, your signature, and the two witnesses’ signatures.

On this website you can find some information, but if you want to know more or need help to fill the forms, please contact us

We suggest that you recommend an area or give a general description of the kind of project you would like to help. You will not be able to name a specific project because we cannot guarantee that current projects will be active when AMU will receive your bequest.

In memoriam donations offer the opportunity to remember our loved ones in a specific and concrete way. You can write the name of the person you want to remember in our form, then add your personal data or — in case of multiple donors — the data of the people involved. In addition, if you wish so, we will notify the relatives of the person you have nominated.

Please fill out the form and allow somebody who has always cared and helped the least and weakest people to keep helping through your donation in his or her name.

On this website you can find some information, but if you want to know more or need help to fill the forms, please call Giuliana

You can make a donation using one of the following bank accounts:

Postal Current Account n. 81065005
IBAN code: IT74 D076 0103 2000 0008 1065 005
Bank account:
Banca Popolare Etica – Filiale di Roma
IBAN code: IT58 S050 1803 2000 0001 1204 344
In the name of:
Associazione “Azione per un Mondo Unito – Onlus” Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 11 – 00046 Grottaferrata (Rome) Italy

Or you can donate via our website:

*** Please remember to fill out the form then send it to us