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6 October 2022
Siria, la povertà si combatte con il lavoro

Crisis in Syria. Overcoming poverty with work

26 August 2022


Notice is hereby given that as of August 30, 2022, the Swift/Bic code for making international wire transfers, in favor of Amu, to the account of […]
9 May 2022
Cuba, nella fattoria di comunione di Ivan

Cuba, in Master Iván’s Communion Farm

13 April 2022

Burundi, water as a common good to be cherished

25 January 2022

Lebanon, Christiane’s commitment to her people

The economic and financial crisis in Lebanon has left increasing numbers of people in need of support to meet even their most basic needs. Christiane is […]
26 November 2021

Syria, the Damascus after-school programme that’s enabling people to look to the future.

15 December 2020

Balance sheet and Profit and loss 2019

Balance sheet and profit and loss 2019