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24 May 2023
Burundi - microcredito - Emile e Moza

Community microcredit: Emile and Moza’s winning choice

4 May 2023
Egitto - pace - Youstina

Youstina: “The project was a success”

24 April 2023

Syria, generosity after the earthquake

31 October 2022
Messico rifugio della speranza

A story from Mexico: “They are taking their lives back into their own hands”

25 October 2022
Burundi malattie acqua

Burundi, less disease with drinking water

6 October 2022
crisi siria lavoro

Crisis in Syria. Overcoming poverty with work

26 August 2022


Notice is hereby given that as of August 30, 2022, the Swift/Bic code for making international wire transfers, in favor of Amu, to the account of […]
9 May 2022
Cuba, nella fattoria di comunione di Ivan

Cuba, in Master Iván’s Communion Farm

13 April 2022

Burundi, water as a common good to be cherished