Programma Emergenza Siria

7 September 2021

Damascus, waiting for the new school year

21 July 2021

Syria, the reciprocity that creates bonds

14 July 2021

In Syria Tamam is looking to the future despite her illness

15 March 2021

Syria – Ten years of Calvary, but we still sow “Seeds of Hope”

12 January 2021

With reciprocity… it’s enough just to start!

The reciprocity that characterises AMU’s work helps project leaders to identify and draw out potential skills and talents so as to contribute to the development of […]
17 December 2020

Syria, new medical centre in Hama

  Hama is the fourth largest city in Syria in terms of population and whilst it wasn’t destroyed by the war, it has, nevertheless, suffered the […]
23 September 2020

Syria – The danger of child labour

Ten years of war, resctrictions imposed by the embargo and Coronavirus have meant that much of the Syrian population are close to the poverty line which […]