27 July 2021

Lebanon, the situation today

The explosion in Beirut happened at the height of the pandemic at a time when the country was already experiencing a profound economic crisis.   In […]
21 July 2021

Syria, the reciprocity that creates bonds

14 July 2021

In Syria Tamam is looking to the future despite her illness

8 July 2021

Water, source of life and development – Ruyigi – Burundi

8 July 2021

Esmeraldas (Ecuador), focusing on young people with Sunrise+

17 June 2021

Lebanon, Nabil there’s always room for reciprocity

9 June 2021

Ecuador, young people are yearning for community

The latest activities of the Esperanza project involved 60 young people from the communities of Sálima, 10 de Agosto and Macará, who wanted to return to […]
16 March 2021

Albania – Reconstruction and solidarity

Ever since the earthquake struck Albania in November 2019, the Focolare Movement’s Emergency Response Team has been supporting a number of families in difficulty. As this […]
15 March 2021

Syria – Ten years of Calvary, but we still sow “Seeds of Hope”