12 January 2022

A Vaccine for all – Action for rural India

28 December 2021

Syria, at the EHIS centre in Aleppo, Judy has found a second home

23 December 2021

Lebanon, emergency aid has arrived

26 November 2021

Syria, the Damascus after-school programme that’s enabling people to look to the future.

17 November 2021

Siria, Wafaa: “Adesso ho un’altra famiglia”

27 October 2021

Burundi, Acqueline and communion with the group

20 October 2021

Ecuador, how a support network is born

18 October 2021

Afghan refugees, how welcome is born

13 October 2021

Honduras, reciprocity multiplies results

The emergency relief operation in Honduras, initiated by the Focolare Movement, AMU and AFN, following the devastation caused to houses and plantations by two typhoons in […]