14 April 2022
Messico, Hugo dalla dipendenza alla reciprocità

Mexico, Hugo’s story: from addiction to reciprocity

13 April 2022

Ukraine emergency ‘When will we return to normal life’ – VIDEO

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the Emergency Committee of the Focolare Movement has promoted a fundraising campaign to support the people affected.  In this video, Mira, a […]
13 April 2022

Burundi, water as a common good to be cherished

11 April 2022

Sierra Leone, a school for all!

11 April 2022

Ukraine, a charger to bring hearts closer together

6 April 2022
Ucraina, Svetlana in fuga con una bimba in arrivo

Ukraine, Svetlana, fleeing with a baby on the way

29 March 2022
Siria, il centro Ehis: le parole del piccolo Zaid

Syria, little Zaid’s words

24 March 2022
Ucraina, Irina in salvo con la piccola Vika

Ukraine, Irina rescued with little Vika

22 March 2022

Cuba, “Gritos” artwork for the Economy of Communion