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16 December 2020

A year of planetarian communion!

  One year after the big meeting in Madrid, young people from 33 countries of the world met together to renew their commitment to be builders […]
26 November 2020

Lebanon, hope and reciprocity

The explosion in the port of Beirut shocked a city and country that was already going through a major economic crisis. We wanted to commit ourselves […]
26 November 2020

It’s never too early to give courage!

  Colours, imagination and the desire to send a message of affection to those going through difficult times. That’s all that was needed for the children […]
16 November 2020

Lebanon, reconstructions begin

  “A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts both for thinking of us and for your gestures of support. Providence is watching over […]
11 November 2020

Syria – Games are beautiful… when shared with everyone!

Tariq managed to reproduce a well-known toy and distribute it for free to his friends who couldn’t afford it. It all started with Tareq’s desire to […]
5 November 2020

A “call of good” in Brazil

The young entrepreneurs of Salvador de Bahia, participants in the “Eu Empreendor de mem” project, have promoted actions of solidarity for the most vulnerable people in […]
3 November 2020

Damascus, reciprocity and mathematics! Everything is possible

Maria, Rivana and Hamza, students at the after-school club in Damascus, are the protagonists of an experience which shows people in a simple but direct way […]
26 October 2020

Burundi, the training of community leaders for microcredit begins.

The micro-credit and micro-finance project in Burundi entitled “You can do it!”, has started its journey by training the animators who will help members of the […]
1 October 2020

Lebanon and fear of the future