EN – Syria

29 November 2021

Siria, her joy is my success

26 November 2021

Syria, the Damascus after-school programme that’s enabling people to look to the future.

21 September 2021

In Homs, Dima dreamed of returning to play

7 September 2021

Damascus, waiting for the new school year

21 July 2021

Syria, the reciprocity that creates bonds

12 January 2021

With reciprocity… it’s enough just to start!

The reciprocity that characterises AMU’s work helps project leaders to identify and draw out potential skills and talents so as to contribute to the development of […]
17 December 2020

Syria, new medical centre in Hama

  Hama is the fourth largest city in Syria in terms of population and whilst it wasn’t destroyed by the war, it has, nevertheless, suffered the […]
11 November 2020

Syria – Games are beautiful… when shared with everyone!

Tariq managed to reproduce a well-known toy and distribute it for free to his friends who couldn’t afford it. It all started with Tareq’s desire to […]
3 November 2020

Damascus, reciprocity and mathematics! Everything is possible

Maria, Rivana and Hamza, students at the after-school club in Damascus, are the protagonists of an experience which shows people in a simple but direct way […]