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Burundi – Micorcredito e Microfinanza comunitari

13 June 2022

Video Burundi – Richard wants to keep growing

16 May 2022
Burundi, un gruppo contro la povertà

Burundi, against poverty: ‘Tera imbere mubano’! (Or rather, an exhortation to move forward)

28 April 2022

Burundi, mutual support to grow

9 March 2022

Burundi, now Aaron can fulfill a dream

15 February 2022

Burundi, microcredit underpinned by trust and transparency

31 January 2022

Burundi, “With this activity I can now support my family”

16 December 2021

Burundi, Community Microcredit is a small seed of ideas.

27 October 2021

Burundi, Acqueline and communion with the group

28 January 2021

Burundi – Rose and the desire to grow by one’s own efforts