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15 October 2021

Reception of Afghan refugees

13 October 2021

Honduras, reciprocity multiplies results

The emergency relief operation in Honduras, initiated by the Focolare Movement, AMU and AFN, following the devastation caused to houses and plantations by two typhoons in […]
12 October 2021

Ecuador – Daule, between simplicity and change

28 September 2021

Amazonia, small steps to reactivate care

21 September 2021

In Homs, Dima dreamed of returning to play

14 September 2021

Mozambique, more interventions to support the population

7 September 2021

Burundi is engaging local authorities and communities to strengthen the project

7 September 2021

Damascus, waiting for the new school year

30 August 2021

Amazonia, vaccinations for the Ribeirinhos have begun