Riccardo Camilleri

12 January 2021

2021 – a year to start again in Argentina.

  The Pandemic and all the measures introduced to limit the spread of the virus and its consequences have brought economic and commercial activities to a […]
12 January 2021

With reciprocity… it’s enough just to start!

The reciprocity that characterises AMU’s work helps project leaders to identify and draw out potential skills and talents so as to contribute to the development of […]
17 December 2020

Syria, new medical centre in Hama

  Hama is the fourth largest city in Syria in terms of population and whilst it wasn’t destroyed by the war, it has, nevertheless, suffered the […]
16 December 2020

A year of planetarian communion!

  One year after the big meeting in Madrid, young people from 33 countries of the world met together to renew their commitment to be builders […]
15 December 2020

Balance sheet and Profit and loss 2019

Balance sheet and profit and loss 2019
7 December 2020

Water as a source of life and development in Ruyigi

The new project to supply drinking water (and more!) to the families of the Ruyigi community in Burundi has begun.   Burundi is the second most […]
26 November 2020

Lebanon, hope and reciprocity

The explosion in the port of Beirut shocked a city and country that was already going through a major economic crisis. We wanted to commit ourselves […]
26 November 2020

It’s never too early to give courage!

  Colours, imagination and the desire to send a message of affection to those going through difficult times. That’s all that was needed for the children […]
16 November 2020

Lebanon, reconstructions begin

  “A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts both for thinking of us and for your gestures of support. Providence is watching over […]