how we operate - AMU

Development of communion

AMU wants to help build a more united and fraternal world, promoting  the development of communion through projects where everyone—with her needs and characteristics—is front and centre, fully involved in every step of the project (from the initial brainstorming to the final implementation) as the protagonist of own development.

Everyone is a protagonist

In every project, AMU foster reciprocity among the protagonists: supporters, beneficiaries, operators, volunteers. We believe that giving and receiving are opportunities that present themselves together!

Reciprocity is the commitment of those who, after receiving support from our projects, give it back (in many forms: material goods, time, direct or indirect help) to support others in need.

Our main areas of operation:

-Support of production activities with the goal of creating employment opportunities

-Access to basic education, professional training, and higher education

-Social welfare and health education

-Facilitate access to save drinking water and food

-The right to reception and integration of refugees and migrants

-Humanitarian and post-emergency aid

-Intercultural dialogue and social Justice

-Peace education and education to global citizenship to promote new life styles