Teens 4 Teens

Teens for Unity” are the youngest in the Focolare Movement, present in 182 countries around the world, engaged in working together to build a United World. Every day, in their daily lives, they go beyond barriers and differences.
This is a dream that can be achieved with the strength and freshness of adolescence and the determination of young people. Boys and girls of different countries, languages, cultures, traditions and religions, who meet for a common goal: the realization of fraternity and universal peace needed for our serenity and happiness.
The Teens for Unity are based on mutual respect and the search for the unity to sanctify misunderstandings, hatred and conflicts. Every day these boys and girls apply the “Golden Rule”, used in many religions: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, do not do to others what you do not want done to you.”
Teens for Unity together with AMU organise the “Teens4Teens” program: actions and initiatives to live the experience of gift and sharing with their peers. The various activities that the teenagers organize, involving families, teachers, and friends, range from courses and workshops in schools to “Spring Fairs”: moments of feast that can involve fundraising activities to support AMU’s projects. In particular, the greatest reference and commitment of the children, young people and families is put in those activities that support child growth and training.


In 2016-2017 the commitment of the kids is focused on:
Peru: A school on the Andes
Egypt: Chance for tomorrow
Congo: Let’s go to school!

To learn more about Teens for Unity and their activities read here.
If you want to organize an activity, receive material or learn more about “Teens4Teens” write to sostenitori@amu-it.eu