Development Education

AMU promotes educational consciousness and activities to increase public awareness on issues related to the processes of globalization, international mechanisms that cause impoverishment, exclusion, environmental destruction and human rights violations.

The anthropological and social vision that inspires AMU is contained in the word fraternity and in a proposal to make humanity one family.

Our goals

  • to promote the education of a culture capable of generating actions and practices that go beyond the state welfare and the north-south polarity, rich-poor, developed-developing countries, recipients-donors.
  • to study issues analysing first a neighbouring, local level, then opening up to the wider space of the world, at the global level and its complexities.
  • to accomplish in Italy and abroad educational development activities, aimed at children,  young people, the world of associations, teachers, educators and social workers.

What do we do

  • Awareness Campaign
  • Activities in schools
  • Workshop
  • Seminars
  • Campus
  • National and international courses/conferences

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