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After the results of RAISE I – the second edition of the “Resposta Alternativa de Integração Social e Empreendedorismo” project [Alternative Response to Social Integration and Entrepreneurship] is now launched.
Globalization, economic and financial crises have affected the whole world and Europe, in recent decades. In Portugal this has produced a strong recession between 2002 and 2013. After 2011 and 2013, two years that measured the greatest recession of all time, the economic situation has begun to recover, although it still has not reached the levels of employment, stability and income present before the crisis.
The Municipality of Alenquer, project area of intervention, is no exception. The various institutional partners that make up the Conselho Local de Ação Social de Alenquer (CLASA)[local council of social action of Alenquer], including AMU-Portugal, have identified unemployment and precarious employment as the main problem resulting in situations of poverty and social vulnerability in the territory.

RAISE II contributes in improving the living conditions, reducing vulnerability and poverty, increasing the development and “capability” of the resident population.

In order to reduce the social impact of unemployment and precarious work in the short, medium and long term, RAISE II will develop a series of activities aimed at increasing social integration, the insertion or reintegration into the labour market of the unemployed or those with precarious work in the Municipality of Alenquer. Furthermore, the project will promote entrepreneurship among the population to promote employment.

• Presentation and dissemination of the project to institutions, unemployed or precarious workers, entrepreneurs in the area and the local community in general.

• Technical assistance, accompaniment and monitoring of the protagonists to facilitate their insertion or reintegration into the employment market.

• Dissemination and awareness of entrepreneurial methods and the principles of the Economy of Communion.

• Training on entrepreneurship and the Economy of Communion, to beneficiaries, groups of students of the schools of the Municipality of Alenquer and to local entrepreneurs.

The RAISE II – 2018 project is covered by the contributions of AMU – Action for a United World Association and EoC – Economy of Communion


RAISE means “to lift”, but it is also the acronym for Alternative Response of Social Integration and Entrepreneurship.

The overall objective of the project is to help limit the problem of unemployment in the municipality of Alenquer, 50 km north of Lisbon, headquarters of AMU Portugal. Following the economic crisis, about 12% of the Portuguese population is unemployed; youth unemployment however hovers around 28% and it also affects people with higher education: the most obvious consequence is the emigration of the most skilled and qualified young people, which compromises the future of the whole country.

The specific objective is to train and accompany people to the inclusion in the labour market by third parties or also through the creation of business initiatives if the personal circumstances and the social context permit it.

The project proposes an innovative methodology with customized approaches to create attitudes and entrepreneurial skills. It also promotes initiatives that help increase the job offer in the municipality of Alenquer, in the short, medium and long term. A particular aspect of the training covers the principles, values and methodology of the Economy of Communion.

The main activities of the project consist in the training on methods and strategies on finding a job, job training, technical and entrepreneurial training and also psycho-social support (personal and professional). In this path some are helped to find work, others to create their own company.

Main results achieved:

– 50 unemployed persons were accompanied with integration, training and internships processes;
– 19 people have found work;
– A training program for entrepreneurship was held with the involvement of young people;
– The collaboration with some local companies has begun, to mediate between research and offer trying to help to find the right job for each person;
– Constitution of a company;
– Development of a local partnership network;
– Construction of one “Boot camp” on entrepreneurship of Communion;
– Establishment of a “local meeting point” for the international network for the incubation of EoC businesses (EoCiin).

The first phase of the project, started in April 2015, was completed in 2016. The second phase is currently being planned.