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During school year 2009-2010, AMU or Action for a United World has carried out in Thailand the micro-activity “Educational assistance for Burmese children” (show details). The project consists in supporting some schools for Burmese children in the province of Tak, managed by “Good Friends Center”, a non-profit organization. The success of this micro-activity and the importance of education for these children who have no other way to go to school, convinced us to confirm our support also during the school year 2011-2012.

This new project goes alongside other initiatives carried out by AMU for the people of Myanmar (Burma): in the villages of Gasmass e Taskurt on the Irrawaddy delta region; on the delta region itself and in the capital city for reconstruction work after the cyclone Nargis that hit Myanmar (Burma) in 2008; in the refugee camp of Mae La, in Thailand.


It is estimated that there are between 1.5 and 2 million Burmese migrant workers in Thailand. They flee from Myanmar (Burma) to escape from poverty and often from persecution that systematically affect certain ethnic minorities. Many cross the Thailand border without taking anything with them and without any identification documents: hence from the legal point of view they are illegal. In Thailand they are forced to work with very low wages and are often subject to violence. Staying illegally in Thailand means not to have rights, thus no possible social benefits. Many do not have a house and for months or even years they live in the forest. There is no place for them even in the refugee camps.

For some years now, AMU is in contact with Good Friends Centre (GFC), an organization that works in the north of Thailand, in the region bordering Myanmar (Burma), so that the children of these immigrants may receive an education and at least one meal a day. Education is the first step to enable these children to get out of absolute poverty. The GFC has opened 8 schools, one of which is in Burmese territory, and a children’s shelter of different ethnics and religions.

The schools cannot depend on the parents’ payment of fees, so they are supported almost completely by donors who sustain the activities of the GFC. AMU would also like to do its part by supporting 4 of these schools in Mae Sot, in the region of Phop Phra in Thailand and in Myawaddy, border town of Myanmar (Burma).

To meet the operating costs, the GFC gave rise to productive activities, which among other things provide employment to some parents of these children. For now we started a piggery farm and a poultry for egg production. These two activities, once it goes full speed, will help to cover 30% of the cost management of at least one school. If the project will produce the expected outcomes, for the next school year, we will open additional activities to support the other schools.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are 739 children with ages between 3 and 16 years. They are followed by 34 teachers.

The total amount of project is € 68,920.00 of which € 41,620.00 are borne by the local counterpart.

The requested contribution from AMU for the school year 2011-2012 is € 23,000.00 (31 Euro for each child), while for the productive activities the cost is € 4,300.00.


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