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In Amman, the project to support Iraqi refugees and Jordanian citizens in need continues

One of the realities that strikes anyone who comes into contact with the refugee emergency in the Middle East is the indisputable ability of the Jordanian government to accommodate so many people without having any concrete conditions to do so. Jordan, in fact, is formed by 80% of the desert and is one of the poorest countries in the world in water resources. About 85% of the food needs are imported. Yet 25% of the Jordanian national budget is used for refugees.
Today in Jordan there are about 656,000 Syrian refugees. Iraqis registered at the United Nations until September 2016 are about 59,000. As international aid is directed mainly to Syrians, Iraqis in Jordan – albeit with the government’s commitment – are in great difficulty. They can work only in precarious ways, paid for the day, and to get at least some kind of remuneration, they work undeclared, underpaid and are often exploited.
This was the scenario that pushed AMU to support the great work Caritas Jordan has been doing for years. (more…)


New developments of the Sustainable and Incluse Tourism Programme in North West Argentina (TSNOA)

The TSNOA project was born 6 years ago to promote the development of Community tourism under the auspices of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference. Since about two years, AMU’s intervention with the Communion Economy has allowed to improve the accommodation capacity of 5 communities through specific training, equipment delivery, and a “reciprocity fund”. More information can be read on the project sheet.

Some important awards testify to the vitality and solidity of the project. First, the project won a Nassen Foundation funding project in Argentina, whereby 17 families from the Hornaditas community will have access to water, with a contribution of about 30,000 Euros, which will consequently benefit tourism activities.
The TSNOA program was also selected by the Ministry of Tourism of the province of Salta for receiving funds for infrastructure and supply of equipment. 3 families from Quebrada del Toro benefited from it, while at Brealito an aerial will be installed that will allow the whole community to receive telephone signal, ensuring communication with tourists and coordinating visits.
Finally, the project has passed the first selection phase in a competition launched by the National Tourism Ministry to access a web platform that promotes tourist destinations.

The people involved, now proper tourism entrepreneurs, have consolidated their activities thanks to the large groups of tourists who have been changing over the last few months. And exactly they, the tourists, as shown in the testimonies published on AMU News n. 1/2017, which follow, give the most important recognition to the TSNOA programme. (more…)


The first phase of the project Making System beyond Hospitality, which was focused on vocational training, was completed. A new period of work placement and accompaniment has now started for the young adults. Some of them are already at a good point, such as Abdoulaye, of whom we will tell the story here.

Originally from Ivory Coast, Abdoulaye left his country when he was still underage. He was welcomed in Italy by the municipality of Vittoria, a small town in the province of Ragusa, in the heart of Eastern Sicily: a territory that has experienced emigration and thus the value of hospitality.

Here the young man has found a place to call home and a community he feels that he belongs to. Today, after two years, he is over 18 years of age, he has learnt Italian, studied, obtained a middle school license, and found the job he has always wanted. Abdoulaye is, in fact, among the young people involved in the Making System beyond Hospitality project, which promotes training and job placement courses in a way of meeting and collaboration between the different subjects of the territory.

All his life he wanted to be a baker, and when the owner of the Tinghino bakery in Vittoria (Ragusa) agreed to host him and train him in his bakery, he did not hesitate for a moment. Throughout the internship he was always keen and professional, helping even when he was not specifically asked for. “An exceptional guy”, his colleagues inside the bakery describe him so. (more…)