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Many of you requested our site in English asking us to share what we do. The waiting is now over!

Starting today, the AMU website is available in English.

While the text is still incomplete, it will be expanded over the coming months.

We hope you will enjoy the reading! Buona lettura!


A new chapter starts for our cooperation with the community of Bolívar, Andes Mountains, sustaining the right to health

Carlos is a teacher in the school San Francisco de Asís. He comes from another region in Peru, because there aren’t any native teachers in Bolívar. He chose this way of life, not only for a professional purpose. He chose to serve the children in the more distant suburbs.

One day he started feeling abdominal twinges, which increased of intensity very quickly. He was taken to the clinic in Bolívar (here they called the hospital), where he was administered a painkiller. The analysis could not be done because the reagents had expired, but “do not worry, rest for a while here, it will soon pass” they said. The next day Carlos was feeling much worse, the pain was excruciating. At this point the parish priest, Father Emeterio, decided to load him in the car and take him down from 3,200 meters of altitude of Bolívar to the nearest hospital, a real one. Five hours of stone and mud winding road risking of falling down at every bend, then three more hours to climb the pass and get to town. On arrival at the hospital the doctors immediately realized that it was a fulminating appendicitis: a few more hours and it would have been too late. After a few weeks, Carlos was back in Bolívar, fully active.

Like him, men, women and children living in Bolívar continually risk their lives (more…)


From the site, an article about origins and objectives of “Sustainable and inclusive tourism”, a project in Argentina realized with te contribution of Economy of Communion. To learn more, go to this project >>>

Salta: one of the more beautiful provinces of Argentina, with natural riches and ancient cultures that resisted the Spanish Conquest over 500 years ago. With the arrival of the new millennium it has been upgraded as a destination for tourists and the undisputed centre of the Northwest Region of Argentina.

“The Sustainable Tourism Programme was begun in 2010 upon encouragement from the Bishops Commission for Migration and Tourism,” Paula González explains. “The Northwest of Argentina is mainly inhabited by descendants of indigenous peoples. Some live in communities and others are farmers. It demonstrates their connection to the land, both for produce and for artisanal crafts.”

The important migrant waves, from Europe, the Middle East and Latin America – especially Bolivia– have created a ‘coexistence of cultures’, with a strong indigenous component that makes this a very unique region with cultural challenges.” (more…)


The Focolare Movement around the world expresses its closeness to the populations that have been hit by earthquakes in Ecuador and in Japan. Our special thoughts go to the victims and their families. A coordinated effort has already been launched in Ecuador while the local solidarity has been overwhelming.

Our country’s coastal region was hit by a severe earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. It was felt throughout Ecuador, and also in several regions of Colombia and northern Peru,” write Fabian and Ardita from the Focolare community in Quito. “The situation is critical especially in several devastated cities.”

“The solidarity of the people was prompt and concrete: people risking their own lives to help others; testimonies of the many people who lost loved ones; but in the midst of all the suffering there is also the strong-felt faith of the people. It’s quite moving and inspires us to believe in His love.”

In response to the emergency in Ecuador the Focolare Movement has launched a fundraiser while a study is underway to see what can be done locally on the ground. (more…)


What to do with $4 and 300 people in need? It must be a miracle, as it can happen in Syria thanks to the efforts of people who help each other, as they were brothers. A testimony by Pascal Bedros at the Oncity Conference (1-3 April 2016).

«In the recent turmoil in which we live, many times we are put in the situation to have to decide for the sake of our family, for the sake of our children. Like so many others, I, as well, have experienced this struggle: either to stay in my country that I love and in which I live with dignity, but that now is torn in a bloody conflict fed by ignorance, or run away from this situation for the sake of the family? This has caused me great stress and anxiety that unintentionally left its mark on my family, making our life, and that of so many people, very confused.
One day I bought the flight tickets and started the necessary paperwork for the departure. Passing by to pick a document in my church, the priest saw me very upset and asked me why. I told him that I was holding the tickets for the trip and that my suitcase was ready, but in my heart I was not comfortable in taking this step, even though I already had a job opportunity in Lebanon waiting for me. I felt I had a mission to offer to my people. The priest replied with great calm: “So, if it is so, do no leave.” (more…)