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The proceedings of the Conference “OnCity – light networks to inhabit the planet”, held in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) from 1st to 3rd April 2016 are under preparation. It is an arduous work because the interventions at the meeting were more than 40 and they must be arranged and organized accordingly, before they can be shared with everyone.
We hope that the wait is short but, for those who want to retrace at least visually the experience of the conference, the photo gallery is available at this address:

The following extracts are taken from an article published on on our participation in the conference.

Action for a United World: Over 30 years of good news

Founded in 1986, the NGO of the Focolare Movement is present in several countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. In a recent international conference (OnCity) AMU was able to share and revive the deep reasons on why action should be created from the cities, from the suburbs of the existence to build networks of brotherhood. (more…)


There are schools where the interculturalism is more and more a daily reality, like any other educational aspect that concerns the relationships between people and groups.
This morning AMU opens the week for interculture at the Primary School of Via Mascagni in Rome, together with the friends of the Koz Kazah Foundation with which AMU will present the project activities of “Chance for Tomorrow” in Egypt.

With this event the school, which among other things has won the competition “Just to know each other,” wants to share the work of the classes, making solidarity, promote the rights of the poorest people, through concerts, workshops, exhibitions and performances that will take place through out the week.


Very often walking together in a joint training program encourages the creation of long lasting relationships.
We have witnessed these experiences in Scarlino, a charming little village in Tuscany, in the southern province of Grosseto, a scenic territory that stretches from hilly areas up to the coast.
For several years now the non-profit associations of the area have joined in a consortium called V.I.T.A. (Volunteering Together with All the Associations) led by AMU, and they carry out training courses.
This year’s course, which ended on the 10th May focused on communication; it was the 6th meeting and was entitled “Communication as an active participation in social issues”. “Thirty people were present – says Valeria Terreni from AMU Scarlino. The lecture was very engaging, and was carried out in the council hall of the City of Scarlino, which sponsors this initiative each year.” The speaker Gianpaolo Bucci, a filmmaker that actively works in socially engaged projects worldwide, showed us the video made on the AMU project in Peru. Then he proposed to work in separate groups divided by association, to conceive a commercial that would promote the projects of each. The various ideas were then evaluated one by one in their flaws and qualities, with interesting and very appropriate advice! We went away being happy, after a couple of hours flown by so fast …
“A school in the Andes”, in Peru, continues Valeria, was the AMU project for which we worked last year, raising funds through markets and car boot sales selling embroidered linen and various objects. From today we start working for the new project in Egypt “Chance for Tomorrow”… so to work!”
The last stage of the training program was on Sunday 15th May with the traditional solidarity dinner, the proceeds of which were destined to the households of the area in economic difficulty, in collaboration with the competent offices of the Municipality.

In the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the far north-eastern part of Italy, there is a large group of friends who support AMU projects, especially the ones in Burundi. The Region has co-financed some of these projects, including the current one “Microcredit and strengthening of the rural cooperative system”. On April 1st 2015 a presentation meeting was held in Udine: Andrea Mosca of AMU FVG tell us about it.

«AMU Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) and the partner association “Together for a United World” presented on Friday 1st April in Udine an event entitled “Microcredit and projects in Burundi” open to all those interested.

The aim of this meeting was to present the new project in progress in Burundi, co-funded by the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia: “Microcredit and strengthening of the rural cooperative system in Ruyigi province.”

The event also pointed towards raising public awareness on the various development cooperation initiatives of the associations involved, as we are facing a particularly delicate historical period, torn apart by migration. The meeting was opened by the presentation of the initiatives undertaken in Syria in the last few months by Barbara Bizzocchi, spokesperson for “Together for a United World.” (more…)


In Sicily a pilot project has started for the integration of young people, Italians and foreigners, in disadvantaged conditions.

The core of the project activities is realized in eastern Sicily, in particular in the provinces of Catania and Ragusa, a territory where hundreds of migrants arrive, often unaccompanied minors fleeing from their countries. The project “Making System Beyond Hospitality” targets these migrants, but also young Italians in a situation of distress, providing them with employment opportunities and social inclusion.

For more details click on the link for the project sheet >>>

Why “making system”? In today’s complex society it is necessary to put at stake different skills, experiences and expertise in order to address these issues. “In this case, for example, Francesco Tortorella of AMU project area explains, the initial idea came from the Fo. Co. cooperative that has been dealing with the integration of asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors in Sicily for years. Other partners were immediately involved, as the non-profit organization AFN for example, who will put into place a national network of families for the reception of these young people as well as of businesses of the Economy of Communion which will offer throughout Italy vocational training opportunities and job placement, and so forth.”

This project, which began in January, will last one year. It will involve fifty young people and almost as many workers. This experiment will be the basis for future actions of this kind at national level, which are actually already in planning stage.