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We are all in the same boat: this encouragement and warning often given to us by Marcella Ferrari, especially in difficult times, imprinted in our minds that, whatever happens, the important thing is to stick together and go through the small or big storms that life, but even at work, enables us to experience.

Although her term as president of AMU concluded one month ago, we still need her valuable advice! Her testimony, her attentiveness to the neighbour, the desire to give back hope to the people who have been deprived of it, have given new light to our work and this legacy will remain forever in the history of AMU!



AMU’s annual meeting was held Saturday, May 28th in Grottaferrata (Rome), with the participation of 62 members.

In its report, Marcella Ferrari – the outgoing president – explained the progress made in 2015, especially in collaboration with other European AMU and with the Latin American networks UNIRedes and Sumà Fraternidad.

In 2015 AMU has been engaged in 10 cooperation projects, 38 micro-actions (23 of which realised with the contribution of Economy of Communion), and 8 development education projects. A new framework of action for the reception and integration of migrants has also been opened.

After approving the report and the financial statements, the shareholders elected the new Board members and members of the supervisory board. The Board also appointed Stefano Comazzi and Cecilia Landucci, respectively chairman and vice chairman for the next three years.

A sincere thanks to the President and the outgoing directors and good luck to the new councillors!


On 28th May the AMU Annual Meeting will be held in Grottaferrata, Rome

Another year has passed and we’re back the most important appointment: the annual meeting. Projects and initiatives put forward in 2015 will be presented at a glance, and we will be able to compare the courses of action to be undertaken in the coming years.

According to the President Marcella Ferrari, “it is significant that this year, the 30th anniversary of AMU Foundation, the assembly is also called to renew the corporate officers: a new Board of Directors that can enhance the historical heritage and look ahead with courage and confidence, to bring the spirit of the united world in the outskirts of the earth.”


Chiaravalle (Ancona), 27, 28 and 29 May: three days to carry out the project “Let’s colour with love the city for a united world” and AMU is one of the promoters as well, together with the local community of the Focolare Movement.

The planned events are numerous, either proposed by voluntary associations, or by schools or sports clubs. Among them, the Spring Fair, the traditional solidarity market organized by the children of the Focolare Movement. The City of Chiaravalle presented the event on its website with words worthy of mentioning:

The project “Let’s colour with love the city for a United World” was created by associations and movements that operate internationally for the development of peoples and the unity between generations, cultures and religions. Through the City Council, they have donated this project to the city of Chiaravalle; ties and relations designed for a joint action have sprung together from such a gift, and the sleeker and constructive part of our community, namely the voluntary, cultural, sports associations and local schools have made this gift very fruitful indeed.

For three days Chiaravalle will be peacefully and happily invaded by countless initiatives promoted by schools and associations and the “Spring Fair” (solidarity market), whose participants will become the protagonists of a culture of “giving”: that is the ideal strokes of colour that light up hope of a more just and united world, confidence in the future and desire of peace.
We thank all the local organizations that have contributed to this new experience and that once again show us that, when the goal is common, we can make the impossible possible and become the bridge builders, the peacemakers and the authors of a better future.”

And from AMU, we thank the City of Chiaravalle and those involved in the event for the wide availability, clarity of purpose and courage to look far. (more…)


Micro-action in the heart of the Kivu Region to encourage access to schooling

The island of Idjwi is located in the middle of Lake Kivu, on the eastern side of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our meeting with this territory was made through Father Ephrem, which has been for many years the pastor of Bumpeta, in the north of the island. He urged us to support one of the schools brought forward by the parish, the socio-psycho-pedagogical secondary institute of Cikoma. After several years of badly connected landline and Internet correspondence, we decided to visit the local community to see for ourselves Father Ephrem’s stories.

Starting from Goma, it took us about two hours to reach Bugarula, on the northern shore of the island across Lake Kivu. On our arrival we were greeted by nature, which dominates the landscapes prosperous and sovereign. From the first moments on the island we seem to have arrived in a land where time has stopped back in the stories of our grandfathers. The slow pace of people walking through the narrow lanes of the village, carrying on their heads loads of wood or baskets full of fruit, the rhythms dictated by pasture and agricultural activities, the sight of dense groups of children surprised to see us arrive, brings us back to the rural reality that once have belonged also to our country and to our past. (more…)