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Testimonials “from the front”, those engaged in the RiMPRESA project with us for the people of central Italy hit by the earthquake.

«The new earthquakes did not bring actual damages but have revived in the population that anxiety and fear which were starting to diminish, almost three months since the last big tremors.  And the unforeseen amount of snow made everything more complex, even the simple instinctive act of leaving the houses to get into the open. In short, “the great fear” is back and the most vulnerable are the young and the elderly.

As a community we are in the front line, together and in agreement with many other associations and volunteers, helping the people of the territory of Arquata (about 1,500) who in some way had to move temporarily into housing in the main town or in the accommodation facilities on the coast.

In particular, we try to stay close in various ways (regular visits, animation and entertainment, but above all closeness, listening and proximity…) to a hundred people staying in a hotel in Porto d’Ascoli, which we are taking charge of. (more…)


A journey to discover the faces and stories of the young protagonists of the project “Making System Beyond Hospitality”.

He has a look that digs deep inside and the sweetest smile. You wouldn’t imagine what a miracle is that smile: Sicilian from Syracuse, eighteen years old, M. has lived most of his life in extremely poor conditions, kept hidden by her mother at home because she did not want the social services to take him away from her. He recently discovered that he has the right to exist as well, and it almost seems as if he is asking for permission. He tells me he is grateful for life and why it is like a blow in the stomach, he is grateful he been discovered by the police cultivating marijuana at home. Now he is in criminal arrangements with the institute of judicial probation, but since his arrest, “a new life” has begun – he says – turning a look of deep esteem to Gianvito, the president of the agricultural cooperative where he is now in charge of the care of the kitchen garden. That garden is indeed his new life: aeroponics technique, a technique – he explains – of cultivation without the use of soil, had given him already great results with marijuana, so now he can put his expertise to good use in broad daylight.

M. is one of the thirty young people in Sicily that are learning a skill through internships, apprenticeships or work grants, within the training and inclusion project “Making system beyond hospitality.” (more…)


A journey to Argentina visiting the places of the Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism project. By Lia Guillen on AMU News n. 2/2016.

One year from the start of the cooperation with the Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Program in Northwest Argentina (TSNOA), we went to visit those beautiful lands, travelling the region for 2500 km, and meeting the people who adhere to this proposed type of tourism investing on local development, on identity preservation and indigenous traditions, on the respect for the environment and the fraternal welcome.

The North West Region of Argentina is a known tourist point of interest for its diverse landscapes and its unique natural environment. Moving just a few kilometres from one point to another of the region, it is possible to see from the Andean plateau, aka Puna, up to the subtropical forest of the Yungas, multicolored hills, valleys with vineyards (Valles Calchaquíes), gorges (del Toro, de Las Conchas , de Humahuaca), rivers, high mountains, eternal snow, volcanoes and salt flats.

This nature and these landscapes are harmoniously combined with an important cultural heritage linked to the original peoples of these lands, Diaguita, Guarani, Wichí, Omaguaca, the colonial and pre-colonial architectural heritage: adobe buildings, a mixture of straw and mud, archaeological sites, cave paintings and other attractions, such as the monumental work of the train in the clouds, so called because it travels at a very high altitude, and links some communities such as the Quebrada del Toro, or Brealito where the TSNOA program takes place.

Despite its great natural and cultural wealth, different factors disrupt the human development of its people, so that for several years now the program seeks to mitigate the effects of this situation and improve integrally the lives of peoples and communities, through the proposal of a sustainable, inclusive and communitarian tourism. (more…)



The RImPRESA project is born for the people of central Italy hit by the earthquake.

Promoted by AMU (leader) together with AFN, AIPEC, Association Abbraccio Planetario, B & F Foundation and the Focolare Movement, the RImPRESA project is designed to offer support to the earthquake-affected families in Central Italy, supporting not only the commercial and logistical recovery of small productive activities, but also from a relational and proximity point of view.

We will work with businesses of the territories along Via Salaria, in the area between Amatrice and Ascoli Piceno, in the Val Nerina, and in Abruzzo. The economy of these rural areas is mainly based on agriculture and livestock farming of sheep and cattle; their clientele consisted in the same population of the area and the tourists that came in the summer and in the weekends. Right now for many of these productive activities, trade businesses and tourist activities it is impossible to work, and it is thus necessary to create a customer base of consumption outside the areas affected by the earthquake, so that businesses are not forced to close.

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