AMU-EoC Projects

The Economy of Communion (EoC) unites businesses, citizens, associations and groups who want to make economy a place of solidarity and communion. Hence, they orient their economic activities to building more altruistic human relationships, more just working structures and more environmental-friendly production processes. For the same reason, the companies participating in the EoC share their annual profits for three objectives: development projects and assistance to people in need, courses of formation to the culture of giving, consolidation and growth of business.

AMU intervenes in the first of these objectives, that of carrying out development and support projects that restore dignity and give job to people who have lost it or are in situations of dire need. The collaboration AMU-EoC began 10 years ago and has strengthened significantly since 2006, sharing the same perspectives and motivations founded on the culture of reciprocity and communion.

The increasing experiences of AMU and the values ​​that are at the foundation of its work made it possible to acquire in recent years a style which we call “the developing of communion”: a development perspective based on the ability of each one to give something of themselves and their goods, even under conditions of extreme necessity.
The collaboration with AMU is aimed especially to develop projects for the start or the consolidation of economic activities that create new employment. Secondly, we finance scholarships for primary school education, university and professional education of young people. Finally, in some cases, we support emergency actions to cope with urgent need of food, health and housing.

Each year, in collaboration with the International Commission of Economy of Communion, we publish the EOC Annual Report, with funded projects, photos, data and statistics.

You can download the report directly from the home page of the Economy of Communion

2018 Projects

Building Bridges Program