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Support of Syrian families in Damascus, Aleppo, Kafarbo, Homs and on the coastline

Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, AMU has sustained the Syrian families on an ongoing basis, meeting the needs of the many emergencies born in the various cities. Immediately, the actions provided help with income support and support for health, heating and rent costs. These projects were subdivided according to the cities and managed by operators on the spot.

The “EFS” project – Syria Families Emergency – aims to improve the quality of life of displaced and non-displaced families living in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Kafarbo, Banias and Tartous, through the protection of the right to food, health and housing.

Activities and beneficiaries:

Monthly disbursement of 130 family subsidies to supplement income, in order to sustain a decent standard of living;

Contribution for the medical expenses of 50 sick people;

Monthly support for rent / reconstruction costs for 20 families, so as to give the chance to live in healthy and safe places;

Periodic monitoring visits and support for the approximately 200 families assisted.

Local counterpart
€ 1.551,80
Total cost
€ 104.872,13
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 103.320,33