Tuesday 13 February 2018
Let’s bet on Syria

This is Robert’s request, our local contact for AMU’s “Emergency Syria” Program in his dialogue with Città Nuova…

The first sentence that Robert says in the interview with Maria Chiara De Lorenzo is: “I open the map every day to see where we are fighting”. In fact, in addition to the news of bombings that these days are back in the media, we learn that the fighting outbreaks have never completely died down.

In the following lines we find the story of these years, how the wounds of the bombings have destroyed entire cities: “I did not want to go and see the ruins of Aleppo. Only after three months I found the courage to go out and see the most beautiful parts of the city, razed to the ground – says Robert. ”

But after the discomfort, we need to get up again, with awareness and determination: Syria can do it, with the help of everyone.

To the question “What would you say to those who watch Syria from the outside? What can be done for Syria today?” Robert replies: “Surely, for those with faith, keep praying. And then, bet on the Syrians that the country is alive. We need hope in Syria. We need support – and I’m not talking only from an economic point of view, certainly important – but to believe with us that this country, the cradle of civilization, can be revived again. That peace is still possible. The important thing is not to remain indifferent. And for those who ask themselves: what can I do for Syria? I say: pray, make a personal contribution, a professional can come for a period of voluntary service…now the situation is safer. We need to feel that the world feels our suffering, the suffering of a country that is disappearing. Syria must be there.”


Thanks to your contribution, AMU will continue to support the “Emergency Syria” Program providing, in 2018, assistance to 200 families in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, and on the coast.

Here you will find the two articles with the complete interview made by Maria Chiara De Lorenzo to Robert:

From Syria to Syria 

Reactivating aid in Syria


    Posted Feb 16 , 2018 at 12:18 PM | Permalink

    Sono vicino alla Siria, in particolare ad Aleppo, di cui ho conosciuto il parroco, il francescano Padre Ibrahim Alsabagh, e che continuo a sostenere. Vorrei anche aiutare le iniziative del focolare locale, per cercare di far risorgere dal disastro i nostri sventurati fratelli siriani, sia cristiani sia islamici, a cominciare dai bambini, che hanno conosciuto solo la guerra. Conosco da decine di anni il Movimento dei Focolari, di cui sostengo le iniziative, come AMU e AFN.
    Claudio Conforti

  2. Riccardo Camilleri
    Posted Mar 15 , 2018 at 17:42 PM | Permalink

    Caro Claudio, grazie del sostegno. Il nostro impegno in Siria continua costantemente soprattutto per aiutare, ora, il difficle processo di ricostruzione, materiale, psicologica e sociale. Qui potrai trovare alcuni aggiornamenti sui nostri progetti e sulle storie dei protagonisti locali.
    A presto,
    Staff AMU

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