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Traditional Syrian handicraft course for displaced young people of ALEPPO

Even though some services are resuming, water and electricity are partly available for example, as well as food and petrol, but the economic and social situation in Aleppo is catastrophic. The problem of children and teenagers, especially the displaced ones, remains dramatic.  They are forced to abandon their homes to reach areas or neighbourhoods considered more secure, but that now are too overcrowded.

AMU has decided to support the “Learn and produce” learning project of the Syrian Handicraft Centre Association. The course, designed for teenagers, aims at the rehabilitation and development of traditional crafts.

In particular, the course wants to transmit the techniques of the various traditional crafts such as: AJAMI art, the creation of decorative stalactites, the production of Aleppo soap (made with laurel), crafts made with copper and embroidery.

This project, in addition to give an opportunity of redemption to children who live in conditions of great suffering, it allows the training of new human resources, with artisan skills, able to collaborate in the reconstruction of the old part of the city of Aleppo.

Activities and beneficiaries

– Training course for 20 teenagers between 12 and 16 years of age to acquire professional skills in the production and sale of handicrafts

The institute’s activities guarantee a job and a monthly income to 4 professional trainers, 4 assistants, and 3 officials, for the development of the project and of the course.

Local counterpart
€ 1.067,61
Total cost
€ 15.524,70
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 14.407,09