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EHIS School for deaf-mutes in ALEPPO

The public and private schools of the country are not able to admit deaf children among their students. There were a government centre that offered this service, but without the necessary equipment, and a couple of very expensive paying centres that only offered phonics lessons.

The “EHIS” School in Aleppo started its activity in September 2005 in the “San Wartan” Jesuit convent, with 3 students. Today, AMU has decided to support this project with the 75 rehabilitated children attending the centre and the 30 employees among professors, assistants and workers.

The EHIS centre is an important point of reference for families and offers the concrete possibility of inclusion for children.

Activities and beneficiaries:

– School classes and extra-curricular activities for 75 deaf children.

The institute’s activities guarantee a job and a monthly income for 30 people.

Local counterpart
€ 74.642,36
Total cost
€ 107.374,36
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 32.732