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Social-health assistance in HOMS

One of the most critical aspects of the emergency in Syria is the strong lack of medical and health care due to the migration of doctors abroad, caused by the economic situation in general and years of imposed embargo, (leading to a lack of raw materials for the production of drugs and the relative increase in prices).

The social-health assistance project will take place on the premises of the convent of the Jesuit fathers of Homs, who have always been helping the needy, bringing the sick people closer together, offering them basic services, especially health-related ones.

Activities and beneficiaries:

Access to medical treatment for cancer patients (chemotherapy and complementary medicines) – 10 patients every month

Support on performing surgery interventions – 5 patients every month

Economic support for other medical services (X-rays, lab tests…) – 5 patients every month

Psychological support to patients who are assisted through weekly visits, at the hospital or at home.



Total cost
€ 42.256,73
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 40.317,23