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Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Program – Northwest Argentina – 2018
-262 people from rural areas and communities originating from NOA (Northwest Argentina) -72 families -66 micro-businesses
Project status
IN PROGRESS - From December 1st 2017

The PTSNOA project of sustainable and inclusive tourism, supported by Amu and EoC, will expand and reach three other provinces in the North-West of Argentina (NOA): Salta, Catamarca and Jujuy.
The NOA is an integrated area predominantly mountainous, which records some of the highest mountains in America (Puna region). Other parts of this area are ravines, valleys, yungas and Chaco, all of them have different characteristics of climate, economy and social context and potentially are great tourist attractions.
The natural richness of the region sadly contrasts with the poverty in which many of its inhabitants live. In many cases, these farmers only develop a family subsistence economy. These contradictions have caused a strong youth migration, resulting in the depopulation of communities and family breakdown, with the loss of rural and indigenous identity and culture.
The project works on the sustainable, ethical and responsible tourism sector as an opportunity for the human and social development of the indigenous and local communities, generating job opportunities in the field of community tourism. This includes crafts, agriculture, breeding and widespread hospitality, all areas where the community will receive a training to strengthen their knowledge.
In this way, families will be able to generate new sources of employment and income, improving the quality of life of their communities also through experiences of reciprocity and cooperation, typical of our projects.


A) Training activities on:
a. Tourism, for the creation of tourist receptions and services management such as accommodation, restaurants, tourist guides
b. Accompaniment and preparation of business plans, commercialization plans and projects for the construction of tourist infrastructures
c. Community and institutional strengthening for local capacity building and community self-management
d. Management, tourism and social economy to strengthen the technical team’s management skills
e. Exchange of experiences and knowledge with local and international actors

B) Promotion of local culture and identity: preparation of divulgative material on the local history of the area
C) Microcredit and reciprocity fund


28 professional training courses on tourism, business, quality and marketing
14 exchange meetings between the entrepreneurs of the programme
42 visits on agricultural technical assistance
168 visits for assistance in the preparation of business plans
14 technical visits for architectural studies
1 micro credit fund and 1 Mutual Fund, both active
1 Marketing plan, elaborated and implemented
1 Web page of the entrepreneur network
– Participation in 2 national tourism fairs
4 meetings with travel agencies
9 training courses for the technical team
28 training meetings on active and participatory citizenship
14 meetings for the preparation of local strategic plans and code of conduct in the tourism sector
2 annual meetings of the program’s entrepreneurs
8 coordination meetings between member institutions of the program
2 international meetings of entrepreneurs (Argentina – Brazil)
Creation, printing and publication of historical documentary materials of 6 NOA regions


Local counterpart
Fundación Comisión Católica Argentina de Migraciones (FCCAM), through the Pastoral Tourism Team based in the Province of Salta
Area of intervention
Vocational training and productive activities in the tourism and community sector. Community development and institutional strengthening. Promotion of local identity and culture.
Total cost
€ 783.965,90
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 270.214,39
Contributions to find
€ 82.800,47