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Building bridges program

“Bulding bridges” is an inclusion program for vulnerable people. It is the continuation of the pilot project “Fare Sistema Oltre l’Accoglienza” and will implement various training activities, work and social integration.

Unemployment in Italy is around 12%, while youth unemployment is 35.1%. Among the young people looking for work there are also more than 15 thousand Unaccompanied Foreign Minors.

The majority of young foreigners, but also adults, failing to bear the weight of basic Italian literacy, necessary to access vocational training, results in the abandonment of their studies. They then risk falling into a spiral of marginalization or becoming victims of illegal labour exploitation.

So young people have difficulties accessing the legal labour market and many of them not having a contract, cannot obtain a residence permit.

Therefore in Italy, without a concrete solution to support integration procedures, social and work integration are at a high risk of failure.

Hardships and difficulties in social and work inclusion are also felt among the younger and more vulnerable Italians, not just those linked to migratory dynamics.

Bulding bridges’s purpose is the insertion of young people and adults, minors and adults, foreigners and Italians in socio-working contexts.

The Program achieves its objectives through the creation of a national network, made up of families, companies, associations and institutions. But above all it is made up of people, of social actors, who can interact, cooperate and facilitate the insertion of the weakest in our society.