Monday 26 June 2017
Sustainable tourism – Discovering the traditions of Northern Argentina

The Sustainable Tourism Program of North Argentina (read the project’s description here) continues and new regions and micro-enterprises are joining the project. From the official website of the project, we want to share the story of the local team’s visit to the northern micro region of Salteño.

As always, new projects, projects underway or in preparation, are designed together with the local communities who want to tell their story through their products, opening to tourists, but always safeguarding the spirit of traditions.

The original post is called “AGUATA ME – EL NORTE EN MARCHA“, which in Guaranì means “On the Way – The North on the Run”. Let’s try to share it beyond the literal translation.

The Guaranis population is characterized by excellent craftsmen and farmers. They learn their trades through the teachings that the KAA (or mountain) transmits through the elders, as they were secrets. Whether it is the bejuco, obtained from the vine on the hill for the production of baskets and wooden furniture, or the foods that grow on the fence (or garden), each product is the result of their work in respect of nature and love for the Guarani culture.

For this reason, the local groups prefer to sell their products to consumers who can appreciate the ecological and inclusive productions, and that they understand that the harvest has a direct impact on the economy of local households.

Three strengthening projects; three opportunities to grow!

The Yariguarenda Group has begun to implement two projects that strengthen entrepreneurship and meet the needs of regional visitors. The first is the development of mountain bike trails in the woods, while the other aims to build the Visitor Centre from which the tourist activities will be organised and the local crafts sold.

In addition, Peña Morada’s Guarani community is conducting the closure of the Salon Artesanal project for the development of recreational activities and exhibitions. They are also assessing the availability of funds for the construction of new visitor centre facilities.

Open doors on an ancient ritual.

During the visit, the team also met “Salamanca”, an association of beekeepers and craftsmen of wood and wicker that is promoting the enhancement of Guarani culture. The organization worked with great effort to save the ARETE Guazú (Guarani ancestral rite) by fostering the encounter between religious communities. Currently, the group is considering the opportunity to share this experience with tourists, as long as it is possible to safeguard its symbolic meaning.

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