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The project aims to improve the quality of life of socially vulnerable people through a specific incubation path of social enterprises that can give them decent employment opportunities and/or offer basic products and services accessible to the most disadvantaged population, in different regions of Brazil and particularly in rural areas or in cities peripheries.

The incubation process goes through a training and technical and financial support of: 1) socially vulnerable people or groups that are willing to start a business; 2) business initiatives that offer basic products and services accessible to people with social disadvantage; 3) entrepreneurial initiatives that provide the inclusion at work of socially vulnerable people as employees, collaborators or associates, thus generating opportunities for human and social development.

The selected people and groups are trained on the working environment as well as on integral human development through individual consultations and group training workshops. They also receive a seed-capital to start up or strengthen their business activities, according to a business plan that is elaborated and applied with the constant support of the project advisors team.

The project inspires and promotes the values of gratuity, reciprocity, cooperation and sharing, aiming to strengthen peoples’ mutual relationships and support, promoting social integration and the multiplication of new social development initiatives. For this purpose, the beneficiaries will do their best to return the contribution received as seed-capital over time so that it can generate new initiatives in favour of other vulnerable people.

Project’s principal activities:

  1. Program Participants Selection: In this first edition of the program 10 projects of inclusive communion companies were selected to participate in the activities: 3 organic agricultural cooperatives, an individual producer of prefabricated concrete, a beautician, a clothing producer, a service assistance for elderly and disabled people, a home-based organic pizzeria, a music school, a vocational training school.
  1. Training labs for entrepreneurs on: how to start a business and implement a sustainable business plan; How to manage an enterprise according to the guidelines of the economy of communion; How to transform the job opportunity into an overall improvement of the quality of life.
  1. Personalized support to the new entrepreneurs by business and human development consultants: on a business level, consultants accompany the participants in putting forward a more developed business plan and to apply it successfully and sustainably. On the personal and professional level, they will receive training and support by psychologists and personal development consultants in order to acknowledge all their potential, develop them and put them at the service of others.
  1. Provision of capital to start an entrepreneurial venture or to grow and strengthen it: projects receive funding from a Mutual Fund, with the purpose of making the necessary investments for the implementation of the business plan. They will then give the contribution received back to the Mutual Fund, to the benefit of other new projects of inclusive communion.
Local counterpart
ANPECOM – National Association For a Economy of Communion in Brazil
Area of intervention
Total cost
€ 304.390,39
Contributions requests to AMU
€ 244.798,34
Collected contributions
€ 154.234,42 from EoC and € 13.875,00 from "Cinque per mille" funds
Contributions to find
€ 76.688,92