Friday 10 March 2017
Training courses to “elevate oneself”: the RAISE project

AMU Portugal’s initiative to combat unemployment has also received praise from public institutions.

Once upon a time there were the rich countries and the poor countries; the gap between North and South of the World was clear and the borders were well defined. The distinction today is not so clear and the economic crisis in Europe has brought out areas of poverty that were once kept under control.

In Portugal the unemployed population is approximately 12%; youth unemployment however hovers around 28%. To help reduce this problem, AMU Portugal launched in 2015 the RAISE project, in English it means “to lift”, but it is also an acronym for Alternative Response of Social Entrepreneurship and Integration.

The first phase of the activities ended with excellent results:
– 50 unemployed persons were accompanied through integration, training and internships processes;
– 20 people have found work;
– The collaboration with some local companies has begun;
– A family business was set up.

One of the strengths of the project, which was also appreciated by public institutions, is the personalized approach with each of the participants.  This allows each member to start the best path suited to his or her abilities and possibilities.

A specified area of the training covers the principles, values and methodology of Economy of Communion. This is an important aspect to avoid falling into the errors of a sick economy and for its own sake. Building a network of supportive relationships is the only real guarantee for the future.

For more details, read the Project sheet and the article on AMU News n. 2/2016 (Italian only).

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