Tuesday 24 January 2017
Mervat’s story and her great family

From Koz Kazah, foundation in Cairo, AMU counterparts in the project Chance for Tomorrow, the story of a woman who has been able to find herself.

When you look at Mervat’s face who reached her forty years, you will find contradictory feelings; her eyes in one moment will be filled with tears and in another with happiness, victory and challenge; and that is how Mervat narrated her story:
My life was totally closed and isolated because I bear the responsibility of my sisters after the death of my parents. In spite of my academy certificate, I didn’t find any job opportunities so I had become more introverted; my only role was to support, aid and educate my sisters. 18 years had passed since my mother’s death and 6 years since my father’s; so many years had rolled on, and I forgot myself and lived alone without friends or any relationships.”

That is, in short, the life of Mervat 16 months ago; her eyes were filled with tears when she remembered her “closed” life according to her description until she knew the club through her niece’s invitation.
She continued her talk with her tone changing into happiness and persistence when she said “finally I have found myself with a family and friends who added a meaningful color to my life”.

Since Mervat visits the club every week, the club now represents an important part in her life as she added “my personality has changed a lot; I have become more open and more accepting to people around me; I deal with all people in peace, and I have felt the love and friendship of all the supervisors in Koz Kazah. Later, the club announced the camp (an activity of Chance for Tomorrow project), and I quickly booked my place. The camp’s experience was unforgettable. When I joined the group to travel, live, eat and sleep together, all our differences and gaps had disappeared. That was repeated at another time, when I helped to prepare Ramadan breakfast table for six hundred people where I realized the meaning of love, family and friendship; I felt love, care and safety. Every day I learn new information about myself, my health and my society; now I make a lot of things that I learnt from the club.

She accompanied her sister to Koz Kazah and both two sisters now are the most two active people in the club.
The story of Mervat has not ended yet; she still has a lot of power and energy to work and produce; after passing six months inside the club, the club announced that there is a chance to learn a new handicraft, which is manufacturing “straw” products, and she already joined the group but in the beginning, she was met with some challenge and difficulty but she persisted; she regulary kept going to the centre for three months to learn from other women and her trainer. Finally after perseverance, she has become one of the distinguished people in straw industry. Now she teaches other girls; Mervat completed her talk and said “my dream is to enlarge straw centre, teach many girls and keep the love for all people around us”.
By these words, Mervat ended her story with all aspiration and positive vision towards the future.

(by Koz Kazah)


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  1. francesca sgarito
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    Molto bello! Ci si può sempre risollevare ed essere speranza x gli altri e punti di riferimento nel cammino della vita.grazie il bello e il buono esiste.

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