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Project Name
RImPRESA project
Territories of Central Italy affected by the earthquake in 2016
60 families and 20 productive activities
Project status
Ongoing since 1st December 2016

The series of strong earthquakes that occurred in Italy in the regions of Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo from 24th August 2016 have caused, in addition to the collapse of houses and the loss of many lives, even the collapse of small productive activities, small trade businesses and the tourism present on the territory.

Several companies have lost the premises to carry out their activities or the necessary machinery or raw materials; many goods have been stored in warehouses without being able to get to their final destination. In different situations, the workers of the damaged businesses have been unable to return to work either because they were forced, together with their families, to displace in safer areas, or because the companies themselves were.

RImPRESA project aims to:
– Support the economic recovery of the businesses affected by the earthquake;
– Ensure the sale of local products, especially those stored before the earthquake and then those of more recent production;
– Promote the recovery of restaurants and tourist accommodations;
– Promote the relationship between the businesses, and cooperation and synergy for better productivity;
– Build stable relational networks between AIPEC member companies and the damaged businesses, shops and accommodation facilities;
– Contribute to the spread of a local Supportive and Sustainable Economy, which goes beyond the emergency period.

In coordination with the Civil Protection that has the full picture of the affected companies and knows which aid has already been distributed, we will work in the territories along Via Salaria, in the area between Amatrice and Ascoli Piceno, in the Val Nerina, and in Northwest Abruzzo: these are rural areas whose economy is mainly based on agriculture and livestock farming of sheep and cattle, and whose main clientele was made up of the local population and tourists. It is important now to create a potential customer base outside the areas affected by the earthquake, so that businesses are not forced to close.

The project consists of two complementary actions:

RImPRESA PROJECT – ENTERPRISES, to provide companies with raw materials, machinery and small-scale infrastructure;
RImPRESA PROJECT – SPG, to promote the purchase of products from the affected companies and to recover local tourism. For this purpose 4 Solidarity Purchase Groups (SPG) will be undertaken.

RImPRESA is sponsored by:

– AMU – Action for a United World Onlus (leader)
– AFN – Action for New Families Onlus
– Abbraccio Planetario aps
– AIPEC – Italian Businessmen Association for an Economy of Communion
– B & F Foundation aps
– Focolare Movement
– Vincenzo Casillo Foundation

Civil Protection; Italian Farmers Confederation in the provinces of L'Aquila and Teramo
Area of intervention
Post-emergence; productive activities
Total cost
€ 181.050,00
Contributions requests to AMU
Contribution AMU and AFN € 147.210,00