Wednesday 7 December 2016
Peace shouts from Aleppo

A concert in the middle of the war, the water that returns to town and Christmas greetings; all this in a letter from Syria written by Pascal Bedros.

For the first time I attended a concert of classical music in the middle of a battle. It happens only in Aleppo. In the midst of death a voice of Peace stands up above all the other voices announcing the war, to raise the minds and forget the cold for a while. It looks like the chapter of a modern tragedy that reminds Greek mythology. With few resources, Father Elias Janji with the Naregatsi Choir and a pianist, sang and played Verdi, Mozart, Vivaldi and Karl Orf in a church packed with people despite the intense cold that invades Aleppo in these days, bringing our spirits in another bliss.

Do not forget that not so far from here the tragedy continues with missiles launched from East Aleppo on the West, killing school children and innocent people, while on the east side of the city the Syrian army attack continues incessantly.

Thousands of people (something like sixty thousand so far) managed to escape from Aleppo East arriving in the West area. They say that in the escape some have been taken as hostages and others, hit by gunfire, were killed; there are those who brought their grandmother on their shoulders running in the midst of battle! They were welcomed; they were given to drink and to eat and finally regained their breath.

People are happy because finally the army has released the water pumping station: before fleeing the troops had undermined the site but fortunately failed to detonate. Engineers have begun the rehabilitation process and forecasts say that in a month the water will return to normal in the city. This will end a chapter of the tragedy but I think there will definitely be other tragedies.

Today is also St. Barbara, a great celebration for the Christians of the East. Despite all the events, adults and children gathered to celebrate by singing her story.

How will the events proceed? I think that the Syrian government will take back the city and this will put an end to the war in Aleppo and will restore tranquillity to people who have suffered so much, even though much of the city is already destroyed by the battles going on.

The entire population is tired and wants it to end, but the armed groups do not give up and want to fight to the end in a lost battle, despite the appeal of the UN Representative De Mistura to leave the city and save the lives of the people who will pay the price with a very high number of victims. This is the logic of war! But how can we forget that in the end is the man who dies?

With Christmas knocking at the doors, let us hope that the arrival of the Prince of Peace will change something in our hearts and in our actions, so that they can be the cornerstone in the construction of a Better World that we all dream of.

Pascal Bedros, 3rd December 2016


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  1. Marilena e Silvano
    Posted Dec 17 , 2016 at 09:20 AM | Permalink

    Indirettamente abbiamo vissuto con voi e pregato per la fine di questa crudele guerra (fatta a nome di chi?) . Ora continuano a pregare affinché venga la Pace pagata da tante vite innocenti. Papa Francesco incessantemente ha chiamato i diplomatici e ognuno al dialogo, speriamo che questo possa avvenire. Ora ce n’è bisogno più che mai per per curare le ferite profonde aperte nel cuore di tante persone e non lasciare spazio a risentimenti e vendette.
    Continuiamo a pregare e rimbocchiamoci le maniche (per quanto possibile) per dare aiuti concreti a chi è sul posto.

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