Wednesday 5 October 2016

On 4th October, the Italian Parliament, the Foreign Affairs Committees of the House of Commons and Senate have addressed the problem of the Syrian crisis, which still appears without concrete openings. The Maronite Bishop of Aleppo has intervened to bring the truth to light.

«We know that Syria is at the crossroads of many contemporary wars and that certainly the most dramatic crisis of the last decade is underway.»Thus began the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gentiloni, opening the work of the committees, then retracing the various stages covered by international diplomacy and reaffirming that Italy does not believe and never believed in a military solution, while firmly supports a diplomatic solution.

Only two hours before the Maronite archbishop of Aleppo Joseph Tobij spoke at the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, bringing the direct testimony of what life is like in Aleppo and clarifying some aspects that the Western media seem to ignore.

«Syria was a liveable mosaic, with a moderate and open Islam. Aleppo, with its 10,000 years of history, was the most important Syrian city for industry and culture…»

Now Aleppo is destroyed by the bombings but as the bishop states, the economic sanctions imposed by Europe to hit the defenceless citizens are even worse than bombs. And yet truces can make damages, because they promote the forces on the field to rest, stock up on weapons and then resume the fights with greater force. The truce would only serve if there were a willingness to follow a real path towards peace.

«Pope Francis, continues the bishop, has clearly identified the problem: in Syria there are neither a revolution nor a civil war. There is a third world war by proxy. We are a toy in the hands of the great powers.»

However what good would bring stopping the war? There are two possible routes, according to the bishop: stop the sale of weapons and block the flow of terrorists from Turkey and Jordan. “It is absurd to think that the great powers cannot stop a small group of terrorists, no matter how well organized they are.”

Tobji finally quotes Saint Francis and hopes that Italy will bring peace where there is war, will bring harmony where there is violence.

For our part we strongly join this hope and we continue to stay close to the Syrian people with our help, in particular by supporting families of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Machta El Helou, Hama, Banias. We also contribute to a medical project in Kafarbo and, in Lebanon, to the reception of refugees.

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