Tuesday 13 September 2016

In September the interventions in favour of the Ecuadorian population affected by the earthquake have started.

On April 16 an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Ecuador, in particular the provinces of Manabì, Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, Pichincha, leaving nearly 30,000 people homeless.

The Focolare Movement has launched a fundraising campaign for this emergency, coordinated by AMU, and AFN, while locally a commission has been formed to identify priorities of intervention and coordinate the work.

In recent months, the committee members have visited several places affected, met the community, sought partnerships with entities with the same purpose and, in late August, the first proposals of intervention were completed. They have close cooperative relations in particular with the FEPP NGO (Ecuadorian Fund Populorum Progressio) and Fundación Amiga.

In this phase, the post-emergency interventions considered the most urgent are concerning the implementation of productive activities that can give financial support to the population, the psychological support to overcome the trauma that, 5 months later, is still very strong and the training of the population on the procedures to access to the Ecuadorian government funds for the reconstruction of housing.

The locations where our help will initially focus on are three, all located in the province of Esmeraldas: Macara, Salima and “10 Agosto”.

Psychosocial activities will be realized to reduce the impact of trauma and to strengthen the organization and community capacity.
A cooperative bakery will also be realized in Salima as well as a training activity for the manufacture of fishing nets, in which the older fishermen will be the trainers.
In the village of “10 Agosto” training courses in crafts and personal care will be held, and also a group of mothers will be sustained in the creation of a nursery school.

«This – says the local committee – represents the first phase of the project, which corresponds to the current available funds. By working with the community in the future we will deepen even more their needs and requirements, to which we can give an answer. »

To date, for the emergency in Ecuador, contributions totalling € 35,502 have arrived at AMU, of which €10,000 already paid.

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