Thursday 19 May 2016

The proceedings of the Conference “OnCity – light networks to inhabit the planet”, held in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) from 1st to 3rd April 2016 are under preparation. It is an arduous work because the interventions at the meeting were more than 40 and they must be arranged and organized accordingly, before they can be shared with everyone.
We hope that the wait is short but, for those who want to retrace at least visually the experience of the conference, the photo gallery is available at this address:

The following extracts are taken from an article published on www.cittanuova.it on our participation in the conference.

Action for a United World: Over 30 years of good news

Founded in 1986, the NGO of the Focolare Movement is present in several countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. In a recent international conference (OnCity) AMU was able to share and revive the deep reasons on why action should be created from the cities, from the suburbs of the existence to build networks of brotherhood.

In 2016 AMU – Action for a United World, an NGO of the Focolare Movement’s development, turns 30. The OnCity conference that took place in April proved to be the right time to celebrate and share the joy with those who support it, but also to remember those who are no longer with us, and to plan the future with the eyes of the young people who know how to dream and can see far away. So we did, in Castel Gandolfo, we worked together with the Youth for a United World Movement and the New Humanity Movement on the main theme, the city. (…)

The commitment that AMU gives to the poor, since the beginning of its path, has a lot to do with the cities, or in every part of the world where among the rubble we can also find “networks of lights”. In the suburbs of the existence we listen to “the most subtle voice” in order to create fraternity: quality bonds that we tighten with one another and that will mutually save us. The city, understood as a metaphor for all human coexistence, is a symbol of a place that may be plentiful of networks but also where poverty may be more abundant, raw and relentless.

Therefore the networks that we want to build are “networks of lights to inhabit the planet”.We did not expect to meet and find at the conference so many people involved in social projects of great depth or neither did we expect so many young people. They were light-hearted but at the same time committed, a nice gift and a contribution of hope, definitely a lot more than a few candles on a birthday cake.


  1. Gabriella Veronese
    Posted May 31 , 2016 at 09:03 AM | Permalink

    Ciao, ho avuto l’opportunità di partecipare al convegno di ONCITY ed è stata un’esperienza rigenerante in cui mi sono davvero sentita parte di una “Rete di Luce” che avvolge il Pianeta. La difficoltà è stata poi “scendere sulla Terra”e cercare di trasmettere quanto sperimentato nell’ambiente di lavoro dove comprendo di dover essere estremamente prudente. Attendo di poter condividere con voi gli Atti del Convegno, per cui ringrazio anticipatamente.

  2. Marta Minghetti
    Posted May 31 , 2016 at 09:28 AM | Permalink

    Grazie infinite Gabriella, andiamo avanti insieme!

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